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WordPress 4.0 Version Released – What's New

Breaking news for all WordPress user that WordPress has launched their newest latest 4.0 version recently , which has awesome and cool features . This is fact that whenever new version of Applications , Games , Softwares even of movies has released they gonna bring some new features to the users when they update the new version then . Does remembering the old bugs and issues WordPress fixed it and released some new features as well .

I have also faced some kind of bugs and issues with my old WordPress version like some new plugins did not working on my existing wp site but right now when I update new version of WordPress 4.0 then I found it and they worked correctly . So maybe you still face problems like me so do not worry anymore you should update new version of WordPress 4.0 maybe they solved your problem .

So below there is some new features of WordPress 4.0 that I’m going to review through my knowledge .

★ What’s New on WordPress 4.0 ?

I’m going to quick reviews about new features introduced by this version which is following

★ Manage your media with style
Now when you update this new version then you are probably able to put your uploaded images in a sequence and you can also give it grid shape along with you can edit any image easily .

★ Working with embeds has never been easier
This is what I want because I’m too much struggled with embedded plugins and widgets but now God heard and in this update they bringing up feature that from wherever you copy the URL and paste it directly into post then it became magically embedded video . So there is list of limited video sites announced by WordPress which URL become video embedded only . Check list of supported sites

★ Focus on your content
Now to looking previous version of formatting editor tools there is an half of editor tools which didn’t worked properly but in this new update they fixed it and introduced some smoother editing tools as well you will enjoy while writing your content that formatting tools available at all the times .

★ Finding the right plugin
Now you may don’t need to hesitate that finding the right plugin that exactly you want . Now with this update you can find easily the plugin that you needs and also they gonna improved you search visibility along with many more browsing experience .

Now at the end if you have any questions related to this post then you’re welcome just use the below comment form and please do a favour by sharing and subscribing us Thanks 🙂

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