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Why Have A Blog ? Few Reasons Should know 2016-17

Why have a blog? The best answer of this question is very easy as looking to every blogger point of views, A blog is used for different achievements of aims like some peoples create a blog for making a money online or whereas lot of peoples enjoy it as a passion of life. Its also used for fun and develop or maintaining top class skills in various languages for example if you have a blog and don’t know basics of English then in beginning, you will be facing a lot of problems because most search engines recommends English language for their readers to get  better understanding. For this reason, you will must force yourselves to learn English for own blog finally it will be a huge advantage that you have to got some knowledge in English just because of it.

As we know blog have many benefits and plays very important role in our life once we get connected with it, we will easily makes a decent online income at our home without any investment. There are little bit difference between blog and websites which  are following ;

The shortest definition of blog is that people used blog for a latest news and information in daily basis they gonna update it whereas a website is used for having a static information about companies, shops and anything else.

Talking about blog, in this short tutorial you will have to answer a questions and should go through question to take a decision. If you are not an IT person then it will be a critical issue for you because without having an IT ideas means that you have a shop without nothing there to sell.

★ Why Have A Business Blog

To determine yourself, you have to ask questions  own self that what kind of passion or information you have or will need in future. So for this purpose, I have some good questions for you once if you are interesting in blogging . First of all go through these questions ;

  • What do you need a blog for?
  • What kind of information do you have ?
  • What kind of audience you want to target ?
  • Is it about information ?
  • Is it for growing a business ?
  • Is it for fun or popularity ?
  • What it’s purposes ?
  • Do you know basics of IT (information technology)
  • Did you ever inspired by other bloggers ?
  • Do you want to make money through blog ?
  • Do you have ability to write original articles or contents ?
  • Did your blog for particularly promoting products  like (click bank)
  • Or want to make money through Google adsense as monetization program
  • ( Do not create your blog just for adsense because Google won’t be friendly )
  • What is your budget, there may be a monthly fees ( e.g ranging from $6 to $30 ).

These all questions will lead you to success once if you have such a ability to give answer ‘yes’ as a honestly. These questions will help you to decide style, content and cost whatever you want.

Note : Google and WordPress bloggers are recommended and free platforms for creating a Blog but having some restrictions to create business class and making money blogs.

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