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What is Computer and Types of Computers 2016

Computer is a device which process the data.It is used to receive, store, retrieve and process the data. It is capable of performing computations and making logical decisions at a speed of thousands or even millions of times faster than human beings.Today this post is really n really useful for those beginners of Computer students whose are seeking of Hardware and Software definition as well as types of Computers .This is really simple and easiest definition as compared to guide and books .

Hardware & Software

★Hardware and Software

The physical parts of the computer is called Hardware. It consists of all mechanical, electrical or electronic devices that can be touched, e.g. Keyboard, Mouse, Disk Drives, Monitors, Printers etc.The term “Software” is used to refer Computer Programs. It is software that brings the Hardware to life. Without software, hardware is useless.To understand the difference between the Hardware and the software, think of a disk drive and a floppy disk. Being the physical components, both are the hardware. Now if a few computer programs are stored on the floppy disk, then that computer programs would be the software.

The set of instructions is called a computer program.

★Types of Computers

Computers can be classified into three types. This classification is based on the hardware structure.

  • Analog Computers.
  • Digital Computers.
  • Hybrid Computers.

Analog computer: are used to process the analog data. Analog data is of a continuous nature, which is not discrete or separate, e.g temperature, pressure, speed, voltage etc. Analog computers are widely used in engineering and scientific applications.

Digital Computers: A digital computer works with digits to represent numbers, letters or other special symbols. Digital computer process data based on ON(1), OFF (0) basis. These are used for general purpose applications.

Hybrid Computers: Hybrid Computer is a combination of digital and Analog computers. It combines the best features of both types of computers. Hybrid computers are used mainly in specialized applications where both kinds of data need to be processed.

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