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Ways To Make Money Online With WordPress 2016-17

There are a lot of ways to make money online with different kind of methods. Thousands and more peoples are still earn decent income at there home from internet daily and WordPress is one of the most  significant part to get employment online at internet . Yes you can earn unbelievable income from WordPress just you have need to understand the right and proper methods and need to do hard work on it then you will be successful InshaAllah and I am going to share these methods with you today in this post.

We all know WordPress is a large and popular platform of creating website and blog and there are millions of self hosted site are registered with WordPress therefore that’s why there are alot of opportunities to make money with it.


★ 3 ways to Earn money from WordPress

There are several other ways to earn decent money from WordPress but I am gonna share three most common methods that people used it and got employment with the help of these below listed methods

★ Sell Premium Themes

As you can see that awesome and responsive WordPress themes are not getting easily free rather than  these themes are available on $40 to $150 at markets which is mostly Seo friendly and having  beautiful layout as well where the higher the demand of wordpress .  Similarly you can also sell premium themes at markets worth of $50  or more if it is capable of . So my first important point of about how we can earn money from WordPress using premium themes that is you have  full knowledge of how to create WordPress themes after creating completely then publish it to various selling wordpress themes websites and markets . Where buyers can directly purchase it and you will be get paid worth of it .

★ Sell WordPress Premium Plugins

Similarly just like above you can earn money with premium WordPress plugins as well . This is another great chance for you to earn money via wp premium plugins just you have need to know how to create useful wp plugin and being developer you need to create something special for example I saw some Seo plugins that are cost of free but there going with pro and better result you have to purchased it . So do something like this and sell awesome meaningful wp premium plugins for WordPress .

★ Create Website / Blog with WordPress

Few days before I saw video of Matt Cutt in YouTube who is head of Google Web Spam Team and he tells in video that WordPress is one of my favorite platform for blogs .You will surely heard that how to make money with blogging,  Simply you can take example of this blog which is hosted by WordPress and I can get paid of each article that has been published here at this blog with the help of Almighty Allah . So I suggest you to create amazing blog or website and hosted it at by WordPress and create great chances for earning huge revenue from different advertisement companies .

This is how you can earn huge income from WordPress and these are there most common ways where chances are still there and if I miss some other rated way then please let me know using comments form below Thanks

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