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Warid free Internet For Life Time

Warid Telecom International is an Abu Dhabi based mobile telecommunication company which was founded in 2004. Warid provides telephony service in three different country which are Pakistan , Republic of Congo and Uganda. Now in Pakistan few months before every Mobile telephony company provide 3G and 4G services to their users and just only warid provides 3G ,4G and 4G LTE service which is more faster than 3G and 4G .


In fact that 3G and 4G service is expensive too much and alot of Internet lovers can’t afford that and they also can’t afford mobile internet as well. So here I bring you one of the most easiest way to use free internet by warid network even if they are living in Pakistan or Republic ofCongo or Uganda resident.

Warid free internet worked by following below every step correctly;

What is the Requirements of Warid Free Internet ?

Here is the question is that what requirements of free internet ? So let me tell you that this free internet service is not working on all kind of mobiles and SIM card. Or If you are thinking that its worked on all sim or mobile phones so its 100 % wrong. I don’t think that any mobile telephony company provides free internet service in world wide actually most of mobile telephony company provides free internet but for sometime mean limited time. Below I mentioned requirements of free Internet

  • You have must Samsung Galaxy Mobile Set which have android version.
  • You have must activated Warid Telecommunication Sim Card .
  • Call helpline that activate Internet on your sim card.
  • If your mobile android version is 2.0 , 2.1 , 2.2 then you need to root your mobile .: If you don’t know how to root mobile so don’t worry I have already wrote article on this topic (click on this topic below)

Must Read : How To Root Your Android Devices

  • If your Mobile version is around 4.0 , 4.1 4.1.2 ect then you don’t need to root your mobile .
  • Download Droid Vpn from play store and visit there website to create an account of droid vpn.
  • Make sure that turn on your mobile data

Download and Install Droid Vpn On Your Mobile

Droid Vpn is virtual private network thats allow you to unblock all restricted website like YouTube in Pakistan but here they worked as back bone of free Internet . You need to download droid vpn apk from play store and install it. After Installation visit ( Droid Vpn Website) and simply create account there.

When you got your account actually they sent password to your email once you got it then go back to droid vpn app and put your login details and restart you phone.

After restarting your device connect your phone to free server and make sure that you enabled mobile internet data from setting.

Advantages of Warid Free Internet

  • Saving of your money and credits
    Free Internet service everywhere and any time
    High speed of internet that they provide to you
    You can use free server of Usa , Uk and Netherlands

Note : Don’t load credits on you sim card otherwise they cost your credits. If you don’t understand our tips of free internet then leave comment here I will look forward to you .

Breaking : This works does not works properly anymore. We did really apologize  so use any other let us know 🙂

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  4. wow its really so awesome if its working perfectly

  5. Warid is a popular mobile operator. But didn’t know about Warid free internet for the lifetime. How possible! But your ticks is really working. After following your tricks, now I’m using free internet from Warid.
    Thank you very much for your amazing tips. 🙂

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