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Types of Links Building In Seo (Both Good & Bad) 2016

Recently, I was reading one of the most important topic called ‘Types of Links’ under Seo category and got lot of knowledge from Moz Blog about it. As we know Moz community working for particularly Seo (Search Engine Optimization), and they are working from very long time which has increased their site strength, popularity and strategies they published about search engine and basics of search engines like they know how search engines like Google works, how to optimized website Seo and how to drive organic traffics from Google etc.

However,  from the moz long long contents, today I collect and sort out some basic points about types of links building – both good and bad. Which will help you in case of how to build quality links and avoid building bad links. You know in the past, Google wasn’t able penalized those website which pursued low quality building links techniques but when Google released penguin updates recently,  then Google suddenly penalized such sites with bad links building techniques.

So today in this post, I will teach you some techniques of link building that you should focus and shouldn’t focus on building. According to the Moz, there are three types of links building “Natural Links Building, Manual Links Building and Self Created Links “.

★ Natural Links Building

As the name implies ‘Natural Link Building’ is such a technique where other Web masters give you link from their own site that even you didn’t have ask for. For example,  if your site have a lot of traffics coming from search engines and have quality contents on it, then it’s probably create high chances of getting natural links from other websites.
The others Web owners might be mention your site in their own by which the visitors must visit to you if he/she is interested in it and that’s also give you natural links to you.

To do such thing,  you have to work hard and should need to write some quality contents (Content is the king – How to Write Seo Friendly Content?) that influence other bloggers for such kind of link building. I know it’s really hard and time consuming to write quality contents but keep bear in mind that natural link building is more important to search engines than others link building do.

★ Manual Links Building

Obviously, Manual Link Building is the process of performing an Seo by yourself to build links. Here are some little bit different between Natural and Manual link building. As I told you earlier that the natural links are given by others sites where manual links aren’t given by them rather than you have to contacting others site owners to link to you.

Like for small business or want to increase your blog traffics, you have to ask others bloggers by contacting them that to give link to you. For this, you should need to go for relevant and for niche sites. You should also need to have strong reasons for making trust with others bloggers and something like relevant to you.

★ Self Created Links

Lot of bloggers doing such bad practises like self created link building technique and they don’t know that it will push us towards black hat practices. Those folks who are working on to build self created links are just trying to make search engines fools but unfortunately they don’t know search engines become so smart these days. Here are the some examples of self created links ;

  • Blog comments that are not moderated
  • Press releases with optimized anchor text
  • Article directories
  • Guest post signatures
  • Advertorials
  • Embeddable widgets
  • Infographic embeds
  • User profile pages
  • Guestbooks
  • Forum signatures
  • Directories that are not moderated

★ Conclusion

As I told you there are types of link building (both good and bad) which are discussed above but you might be thinking which is good and which is bad? So I recommend you Natural Links & Manual links building types is good enough techniques for you whereas Self crated Links is totally bad technique and avoid yourself from these kind of links.

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