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Top High Paying Adsense Keywords 2015 -16 -Download PDF

Keywords is one of most and most important factor of Seo (search engines optimization) and lot of webmaster still trying to work on those keywords which has most value . Here value mean if there is one keyword which ppc ( pay per click ) is higher than normal keyword so therefore they want to keep and work on this instead of normal keyword . I see a lot of webmaster in my entire life that they work on higher bid keywords and got huge amount from adsense and from other advert componies with the help of these keyword , you can’t believe on it until you saw it on your own eyes .

Nowadays There is many advert companies has been invented which has different different tasks , some offer ppc ( pay per click ) , Cpc ( cost per click ) etc . So talking about high paying adsense keywords there is lot of questions in front of us , maybe your question is different but in this kind of subjects most often question is always to be ask is  that how to work on keywords for each post or subject .

For me there is no black magic that webmaster do on search engines to make value able keywords for himself but only and only they do hard working on it and thus they got it after while .

If you’re trying to cheat search engine they will penalised you and pushed you very far which mean you’re not findable on search engines anymore . So avoid own self from such kind of bad habits which destroy your site and need to be patience, hope one day you will made it and will got it . So today I brought you thousands of those keywords list which estimated bid is from  $20 to $0.1 .

So if you know how to work and have ability to make one specific keywords for your site then may be it’s your turn once you see the list of those keywords . Unfortunately if you don’t know like me then you have to work hard and never lost your hope .

May be Helpful :

Keywords Database List – Download PDF

As there is thousands of keywords with Rates , So it is hard to write down all therefore I suggest to write some of highest rates keywords as possible . You can download whole list of keywords database in PDF format and you can watch it anytime you want . So below is the list of high payable keywords along with rates from $20 to $0.1 .

Keywords (  Rates)

  • laser hair removal manhattan ($19.99)
  • mesothelioma ($18.77)
  • laser hair removal nyc ($16.10)
  • recruiting software ($16.00)
  • staffing software ($15.00)
  • truck accident lawyer ($15.00)
  • mesothelioma treatment ($13.31)
  • applicant tracking ($13.05)
  • pleural mesothelioma ($12.09)
  • mesothelioma diagnosis ($11.20)
  • ortho evra $11.10
  • applicant tracking system ($10.60)
  • structured settlement payment ($10.01)
  • offer in compromise ($10.00)
  • hair removal new york ($10.00)
  • pcb ($9.99)
  • paternity ($9.99)
  • stock picks ($9.98)
  • refinance loan online ($9.85)
  • 1031 property exchange ($9.51)
  • 1031 tax exchange ($9.01)
  • paralegal studies ($8.98)
  • irs levy ($8.92)
  • irs levy ($8.92)
  • 1031 tax free exchange ($8.90)
  • 1031 tax free exchange ($8.90)
  • manufacturing software ($8.25)
  • malignant pleural mesothelioma ($8.07)
  • student loan consolidation ($8.02)
  • san diego mortgage ($8.00)
  • san diego home loans ($8.00)
  • paternity testing ($7.97)
  • annuity leads ($7.80)
  • home security monitoring ($7.75)
  • 1031 tax deferred exchange ($7.70)
  • small business phone system ($7.57)
  • electronic medical records ($7.51)
  • telecom audits $7.51
  • 1031 exchange properties ($7.50)
  • las vegas mortgage ($7.28)
  • remote access ($7.27)
  • credit counseling ($7.09)
  • Answering Service ($7.03)
  • business process management ($7.02)
  • auto insurance rates ($7.01)
  • crm ($7.00)
  • debt elimination programs ($7.00)
  • first time home loans ($6.99)
  • nevada llc ($6.96)
  • college loans ($6.93)
  • louisville mortgage ($6.80)
  • crm software ($6.75)

So you know there is hundreds / thousands of keywords and its very hard to write it all here I really got tired to copy it from table along with rates , So trying to write down little bit only for you . So dont worry from here you can download full list in PDF format whenever you want you can see it .

Download High Paying  Keywords Database

Note : Remember these keywords along with rates is true , I take a screen shot from Google Adword as a proof only for you , So don’t miss a massive opportunity while work on these keywords .Watch Video To Learn As a Practical

After reading this post  hope you enjoy it while getting lot of knowledge from it . So please do a favour by sharing this whole articles along with your friends at you favourite social media platform Thanks 🙂

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