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Top 5 Seo Plugins For WordPress 2015-16

Finding the plugins in WordPress is not hard but finding the right plugin may be little bit hard and for Webmaster there is nothing hard to find but the only condition of his success is just  they spent time on it but what about newbies who start his Web / Blog recently , I understand that this time every single person is on trouble even the today Web expert will surely faced a lot of difficulties on his /her entire career when they first start his Web journey . So at all this is not part of our today topic now leave it and let come to our important topic which is about  top 5 Seo plugins for WordPress .

Yes its fact that most people choose WordPress platform for his Website or Blog only reason behind this is the different kind of plugins they did offer to their user . Then in plugins the most valuable plugins is Seo plugins which is work even if you are sleeping.

So I made a list of top 5 Seo plugins that these plugins play very important role and they let the beginner to lead forward easily to professional Seo expert .

★ List of Top 5 Seo Plugins

The following is the top Seo plugins in WordPress which is active on thousands wp sites and among these sites the competitions is going very tuff  due to their Seo plugins and in fact they don’t know Seo just they raised due to these  Seo plugins . So below is the top 5 Seo plugins ever .

1 ★ All in One Seo :

2 ★ WordPress Seo by Yoast

3 ★ Seo Ultimate :

4 ★ Seo Smart Links :

5 ★ Stallion WordPress Seo plugin :

1 ) All in One Seo :
I give number 1 position to this plugin in top 5 just because few month before I’m was so caught up in big trouble,  despite the Seo plugins as well but when I installed this plugin then after some weeks suddenly I’m very excited looking to my site performance just due to this plugin . So now this plugin is most downloaded plugin ever in categories of Seo in WordPress .

2 ) WordPress Seo by Yoast :
After All in one Seo plugin , the number 2nd position holder plugin because this plugin will really optimized your site performance and also will teach you some basic of Seo aswell that you need to know . This plugin will improve your wp site as well as have quality to make targeted keywords for you through looking out each content . So this is almost the number one Seo plugin of WordPress which is downloaded thousands of times.

3) Seo Ultimate :
This plugin is on 3rd position on my choice of  top 5 list just because this plugin has ability of making internal links automatically and gives you full control over the title , meta and keywords description tags . This plugin have equality as compared to All in one Seo and WordPress Seo by yoast and have thousands of downloaded plugin as well .

4) Seo Smart Links :
This plugin is number 4th on top 5 list today , when I searching for those plugins that is useful for making automatically internal link then I found this plugin and found lot more features on this plugin as well . It has also large numbers of downloads in WordPress Seo plugins list.

5) Stallion WordPress Seo plugin :
The number 5th position holder on today top 5 and fact I didn’t use this plugin but have listen and saw the position of this plugin while searching through Seo plugin by which this plugin is top on WordPress Seo plugin race that’s why I mentioned it but looking to rate , it has 5 star rate got it from their user .

★ Last Words :

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