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Top 5 Popular Social Apps for Android

Hello mates , you know there are millions of Apps has been developed and still counting . Now creating apps for android system is not difficult because right now there is some ready made softwares which let developer to create app very easily instead of learning java and some other script languages for that purpose . So talking about top 5 popular Social Apps for android that today I brought in front of you that these apps is most downloaded apps in market which have approximately billions download and still counting .

These Apps are already on every smartphone by default when you purchase  brand new device . If you don’t know those social Apps which is already on brand new devices and want to install it on your used smartphone then this post is really useful to you. The following is the top 5 popular social Apps may be you like it .

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Top 5 Popular Social Apps :

These top 5 social apps you can download it from anywhere like these apps are available on play store , app store and on Internet as a apk as well . Below are the following top Apps

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Whats App
  • Viber
  • Google plus

1# Facebook :

We all know Facebook is the leader of social media platform and took 2nd position in world ranking . Actually Facebook aim is to connect friends whether it be in any country in the world and Facebook app is almost have by default in any smartphone .

2# YouTube :

If Facebook is number 2nd in world ranking then it is not any less . YouTube is in 3rd position in world ranking and it has very awesome layout for android you can easily watch video and share your video by uploading it to YouTube from your device . This app is almost have by default in any smartphone .

3# Whats App :

This app is quite popular for texting to friends and family whether it be in any country in the world . You can just not only send texting but also you can send voice messages , videos and files . Amazing thing on this app is that it is quick and fast to deliver messages  .

4# Viber :

Viber offer free national and international calls In very clean sound you can talk on Viber without any hesitation just there is one condition to make a free call that both Viber user have must Internet on mobile to make a call .

5# Google Plus :

This app is almost same as compared to the Facebook . You can also add , follow and circle your friends in Google plus whether it be in any country in the world . This app is already have by default in every smartphone .

Last Words :

This is my favourite Social Media Apps and I used it from very long time . So please do a favour by sharing this post along with yours friends in your favourite social media platform Thanks 🙂

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