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Top 5 keywords Research Tools Online For Seo in 2016

No one can ignore the importance of keywords in world of Seo . Keywords play one of crucial role in website or blog journey . If you want your blog or website become searchable in search engines you must make use of keywords in every single page of your site . Keywords is just not limited to meta description rather it is now must for ranking your keywords you will make usable in content heading , anchor text , images and paragraph aswell . It then when Google update their Panda and Penguins latest update .

But somehow once your keywords are founded in all position then you can probably get better results in search engines .So this short article allow you to grab top 5 Seo keywords Research Tools as well as allow you to manage your keywords list along with your site performance

And they let you know about what’s wrong going on with your site and what’s better and help you to troubleshoot your problems that’s arrive as well . Once you made top of keywords linking to your site , that’s having too much  search and you are appeared  in first page of search engines due to this keywords then they will really bring brightness in your life because more traffics from keywords on search engines mean more income from your site  So I’m going to share these tools with you in a form of list .Before going to read further may you also interest in :

List of Top 5 keywords Research Tools

1 ) ☆ Google Adwords keywords Tool

This is most common keywords Research Tools that every webmasters may know and accociated with this , you can get alot of keywords list related your topic just you need to go to keywords planner . But finding keywords planner in adwords keywords Tool may harder to you if you’re newbie , so don’t worry about this here is simple tips to reach there

Go to

If you have already Google adwords account then simply sign in or don’t have account then you can use your Gmail account for sign up .

After successfully sign up or sign in click on Tools tab > keyword planner .

Click search for new keyword and ad group ideas , there write down any words like top it ideas then leave all the boxes except categories .

After that they will show you list of relevance keywords with full details , the thing you can do here is find and click on keywords ideas tab along with ad group ideas tab .

So this is what you can find your keywords , basically Google adwords is one of most popular advert network that most people’s give their business advertisement whether in form of banners or text . So this the best keywords Research Tool ever that’s why I mentioned it first on my list .

2) ☆ Google Trends Keywords Tool

Google Trends is almost alternative of Google adwords but this keyword tool work on different factor like if you want to search a specific term for specific thing , date or location then you can use Google Trends for that purpose . They can also understand language from the country you belong . So this tool gives you search history from their data base . You can find your specific keywords relevant terms that is popular and having search of that . So this is simple and easy to use   just you need to go to


And enter your specific keywords

You will see popular keywords relevant to your desire keywords

3) ☆ Bing Keywords Research Tool

Bing Webmaster is just not only optimize you whole website but they also offer one of the best keywords research tool to user . There is no doubt that Bing is 2nd biggest search engine after Google . They picked up best keywords once you search in keyword research tool from thier database . Which is most valuable to us and also you can find your keyword along with your region and in specific language and date as well . If you site does not associated with bing webmaster tool , first of all add them into your site just like Google Webmaster Tool . Or you are already bing webmaster member then just simply follow the link which will directly redirect you to the keywords research tool page


4) ☆ Word Tracker keywords Research Tool

Word Tracker is mostly know by Reveal high performing keywords in minutes . This is growth day by day and got high ranking due to right keywords bring in front of you and also give you best relevant keywords aswell . To start searching your keywords on word tracker Follow


5) ☆ Uber suggest Keywords Research Tool

This is another yet most famous site for searching your relevant keywords . The tool on this website gives you almost all ideas from Google Data base which is really helpful to you . You can take advantage of this tool whenever you need it , they bring bunches of relevant keywords in front of you .


I hope after reading this post you got it , or still don’t understand , feel free to ask using comment section below I will reply asap .

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