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Top 5 Best Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress 2016-17

When it comes to fight against spam comments , WordPress plugins plays very important role in these kind of situations once if you are user of WordPress platform . I don’t think that what other websites creator do with spam comments but all I know from WordPress that you have great and powerful plugins available to fight against spam comments . You know what spamming did really affect site search engine visibility and gonna decrease your site ranking , where this moment is very bad and painful moments for web owner in that times.

It is clear that spamming is not an human task rather than its some software and programs made by programmer which attacks those websites and blogs whose are unwell secured or unprotected . It’s also happened with me , even happened with thousands of other well bloggers and webmasters , actually when you start receiving alot of unwanted comments You may be happy but tell you what it’s something like a bot that may they target your site . In these times you will receive hundreds of comments which you may think it’s real comments but it’s not , in fact it will be spam comments and have plenty of links used in it .

So to get rid from spam comments , today I brought you 5 best anti spam  plugins of wordpress which will protect your site against spams , even they didn’t inform you about spam comments and threat very well . These plugins have ability of blocking spam bots forever as well as captcha facilities too .

★ 5 Best WordPress Anti Spam Plugins

If you want to prevent and block spams comments for lifetime from you blog then you should make use one of these wordpress Anti spam plugins  It’s up to you which one you may guess but all are awesome and well working plugins that are used in millions wordpress blogs and websites .

★ 1# Akismet Plugin

Akismet is one of the most popular anti spam plugins all over the world and active in millions of wordpress websites with having 23 millions downloads so far . You don’t need to worried about spams comments anymore because if you have start using of this plugin the you should rest , the plugin will filter out spam comments  automatically and threat it very well . It have alot of features but I just say if you want to read more about it and installation then must read our previous article .

★ 2# Wp Spam Shield Plugin

Wp SpamShield is a wordpress Anti spam plugin which  challenge all those spammers even they didn’t use captcha which is challenge question. Currently I have personally installed and running this plugin in my blog after Akismet some server problem with my host . To prevent spams comments I suggest you to use this plugin and get rid from spam bots for lifetime blogging .

★ 3# Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

Growmap Anti Spambot is another great preventing spams plugin with common feature of captcha . The spammers won’t see any captcha so therefore plugin will discard spam comment easily. I also used this plugin for captcha system with wp spam shield plugin and I didn’t receive any single spam comment so far .

★ 4# Anti Spam bee Plugin

Anti Spam bee is famous anti spam plugin which help and prevent spam bots very easily . Its automatically send spam comments to spam folder and threat it very well . If you got tired of preventing against spammers then this plugin is for you , don’t need to delete each of spam comments manually because. It will automatically detect spam comments and send to spam folder .

★ 5# WordPress Zero Spam Plugin

WordPress Zero Spam is an easiest anti spam plugin to use . It don’t have contain any API keys or anything else , so it’s best anti spam plugin for new blogger and you should download and activate this plugin once if you new to wordpress blog . Actually this plugin contain Javascript code that control spam comments without captcha .

So finally I’m just saying guess one of these anti spam plugins for your wordpress websites because spam bots will never leaves you easily without attacking on your site . So let me know if you believe that I miss some of other popular plugins to mention it , please use comment section for that purpose thanks

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