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Top 5 Android Games of 2015 – 2016

Playing games is one of the most weird hobby of every human being living in this planet. Once a time where children’s only plays games on TV and computer but today’s  now technology change the world too fast. today’s games show you most things that you can’t imagine and it’s not limited to children’s only but even teenagers and men’s can play those excited games as well. As we talking about technology, undoubtedly they turn this world much advance more than before. Before the revolution of mobile smartphones, we peoples used to play high quality games on tv or computers but today these all high quality graphics games are available on smartphones even more better games.

Since we already shared most of our posts about top android games etc. Today here once again I brought you some of excited android games of 2015. This list will show you top 5 android games of 2015 and best games for android ever. Before reading rest of articles, have a look at previous top android games list;

★ Best of 2015 -Top 5 android games

Whether which kind of games you wish to play but the following list will figure it out some of misc categories games of android and quite popular in 2015 new year.

★ (1) Global Assault

The world war is still not over, here you can memories world war with new style. This game contain very awesome things that you can’t believe. There are lot more features of this games included high quality 3d graphics and real battles with thousands of other players around the world.

★ (2) Gun Master 2

If you are interested in firing with different guns or want to check all superb guns and their firing styles then this game is for you. There are deadly guns and pistols waiting for you in gun master 2. Deadly firearms has been included in this part of game.

gun master 2

★ (3) School of Dragons

School of Dragons is very heavy game recommended 1.3Gb ram and 4Gb available storage on mobile as well. Now test your dragon and shoot other to win the game. This is so excited game and have a million more downloads at markets. So what are you waiting for go and chill out your dragon.

School of Dragons

★ (4) World At Arms

World at Arms is the new ground breaking social game by Gameloft. This game is similar to above listed global assault game.  It has many features and advantages. A free war simulation game with 3d graphics and with high stunning arms , guns and forces etc.

World At Arms

★ (5) Boom Beach

Boom Beach is another most popular games developed by supercell. It’s a combat strategy game where you fight an epic war against the evil blackguard. As other games have features, this game have also some fantastic features among them high quality graphics and  ancient statues etc.

Boom Beach

These were the best recommended top 5 android games in 2015. In addition, there are many others quite popular android games available in Google Play Store but if you believe that I missed some of them, share with us in comments section and soon we will publish more and more list of different android games with our readers soon.

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