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Top 10 Alternatives to Google Adsense 2014-15

As we know Google Adsense is the king of all Ad Network just because they paid very well for each user click and there is another such a brilliant opportunity that they provide is CPM ( Cost Per Impression ) which mean if you receive thousands of impressions in one day then you will probably get massive income from Adsense . There are several reasons that people search for alternatives of adsense due to adsense ban , poor earning and have problems to keep it secure etc . But here I brought you those top 10 alternatives to Google Adsense which will efficiently bring twist in your life once again . So at all if you receive high quality traffics then go and read below alternatives of Adsense with pleasure .

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★ Top 10  Google adsense alternatives 2014-15

The following is the top 10 alternative of Google adsense which is best and quite popular in 2014-15 . According to best online income that they provide, I have listed it from 1 to 10 in position .

1# Contextual Ad |

This is very huge advert network service which is  provide by both Yahoo and Bing together .  If your site have gaining alot of visitors and impressions in daily basis and yet don’t activated this ad network then I suggest you to don’t miss this great opportunity further to earn huge income from your site more than Google adsense .
The very interesting thing in this ad network I like that they paid you for impressions whether the users click or not it is separate talk , this ad contains both PPC ( pay per click ) and CPM ( Cost Per Impression ) .

Now its depend on you , if you want to access this ad network on your site then just simply follow the quick steps to apply for it .
Fill the form correctly

Once you submit the application then your application will be reviewed and they emailed you approximately in week or more , if you got contextual ad account then congratulations or not then try to Seo your Website and increase your site traffics at least 10 percent visitors should from USA and UK and then go for it Good Luck .

2# BuySellAds (BSA)

Buy Sell Ads took 2nd place in my top 10 list just because the benefits that they provide to user . There is million of site which is registered with this ad network who have got high page rank . This network is very and very good for content creators and you can easily make money with this ad more than from both above . Buy Sell Ads has very strict criteria for publisher therefore which mean you have thousands of visitors and impressions daily . If you are belong from USA , Canada , Australia and UK  such countries then may you can get this easily but if you belong from Pakistan , India and Bangladesh such countries then you have to full fill all requirements and criteria to get BSA ( Buy Sell Ads ) account . So at all to join BSA service follow below quick steps

  • Go to : BuySellAds
  • Fill the form
  • And wait approximately week or more for response

3# TribalFusion

TribalFusion is another good CPM ad network and very good in rating . You will be paid for each impression of your pages and they offer really high earning instead of other ad network . I don’t applied for it yet because they are strict too in criteria and once you have large numbers of visitors from search engines then you can apply for it . So once you are satisfied then you should go to tribal Fusion website and ask for as a publisher , other method to joining is almost same as mentioned above .
Visit : TribalFusion

4# AOL Advertising

If you believe that your site is receive high quality traffics then AOL Advertising network searching for such type of premium website . So don’t waste your precious time and get one of publisher account from it and they will generate massive income for you .
Visit : AOL Advertising 

5# Infolink

Did you know what does infolink mean ? If not then let me tell you its mean ” Informative Link ” . Now you can easily make money with this ad network . So I don’t want to extend this because I have already wrote whole article about ” how we can make money with infolink , what is infolink ad , how much we can earn with infolink and how to join or apply for infolink ” . This all heading are in one post so go to read this post which is really helpful to you and good news is infolink can easily be verified in hours .

Read further :  How To Make Money with Infolink Ad Network

6# Adcash

Adcash is another online advertising company which is very good for content writers to join this and start making money with this ad network . The one interesting thing in adcash that I liked even any person will be like that when you got verified account of adcash then you have awarded with free 10 euros . So as same to same like infolink I already wrote article about ” how to make money with Adcash ” . Inside in this post you can got all points for example features of adcash , criteria of adcash and how to join it . So don’t miss to read this necessary part of this

Read further :  How to make money with Adcash Online Advertising

7# Qadabara

This is yet another fantastic alternative to Google adsense and aim to provide best that Google adsense doesn’t . So what you waiting for go and get one account as a publisher and enjoy the earning that they will easily generate for you without no annoying of terms and conditions like others.

Visit: Qadabara

8# RevenueHits

Now get very well paid for each user clicked on revenue hits ad just because they require large numbers of visitors should have from western countries , and everyone well know that these western countries clicked generate double earning as compared to Asian countries . Now once you believe that you have visitors from those then go and join it .
Visit : Revenue Hits

9# ePom

While discussing top alternatives to Google adsense we can’t ignore ePom which is best CPM ad network . It is almost official partner of Google ad network by default . Once you have receive large numbers of organic traffics then you should join it and start earning money from this ad network , which will also serve you to qualify Google ads .
Visit : ePom

10# MadAdsMedia

This ad network was hit by large numbers of malware recently but it recovered very quickly . And still you can get it very easily and they will generate income for you like others but I think its not good at all . So to join it visit the link and follow it

So these were the top 10 alternatives to Google Adsense which is quite popular in 2014-15 . Now apply for those and Good Luck , finally please dont forget to Subscribe us and if you found this post helpful then please share it with your friends , or you have any question then ask me through comments form below .


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