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How to Submit Your Site to DMOZ Directory – 6 Steps

Do you still searching for keyword phrase “how to submit your site to DMOZ Directory” ? Yes if you are, then today here you are on the right spot. Before going to the topic, lets talk about the DMOZ. What is Dmoz ? Dmoz is the directory where peoples can submit their site for listing into relevant categories of their will. Here are a few questions that most commonly arise is why to submit a site to dmoz directory ? What is the benefits after getting listed in dmoz directory ? And many more etc. Now lets clear the confusion of these questions and understand the main points of dmoz.

submit your website to dmoz

Why to Submit a Website to Dmoz ?

The best answer can be that Dmoz Directory is the open directory project where million of websites are listed and counting. Many search engines like Google, Bing and AOL use Dmoz for additional help while getting indexed in particular search engines. There is no doubt that dmoz website have high Google PageRank 7 so which means after getting listed into dmoz directory will give a strong backlink worth of PR7 can increase possibility of getting high rank in Google search.

The big thing people like about Dmoz directory is that they offer free service of website submission. However Yahoo! directory have paid submission for listing your site into Yahoo! Directory submission. But keep in mind that dmoz can take some long time for submission of your site because there are thousands of websites are already awaiting to get listed in so you have to wait about several months even for year.

If you are more interesting about dmoz features, benefits and history etc then  just click on Wikipedia of Dmoz for more.

Finally, lets move to our main topic that ” How to Submit a Website to Dmoz” ?

Submit your Site to Dmoz ? 6 Steps !

Getting listed into dmoz directory isn’t hard task but all you have to do is to choose relevant category for your site e.g if your site is about technology then simply go for information technology related categories. This is important because guessing wrong categories will get you in trouble and dmoz community will kick you out from directory and you might be not eligible for another submission. Also be careful and don’t submit your site again and again, this will put in same trouble as well. Now Follow these simple steps to begin with,

  1. Click DMOZ to visit website front page.
  2.  Now look for all relevant categories and find out best one which is most appropriate & relevant for your site. Or even you can search manually for it while using search box on the top.
  3.  Now take a breath and think about your biggest competitor, for example; if your site is about “information & technology”, “marketing” updates etc then search for internet marketing or information technology etc using search box.submitting site to dmoz
  4. Now search for most relevant & appropriate title under Dmoz categories, e.g let suppose for internet marketing, we can select option no 2 click on. ” Computers: Internet: E-mail: Marketing: Online Tools ”  .submit site to dmoz
  5. Now click on “Suggest URL” at the right upper side of page.
  6. Now finally fill the form and submit your information about your site accurate and properly. Make sure all the information should be accurate & relevant otherwise it will be your loss.

After hitting submit button below and you are all done

This is how to submit your site to Dmoz Directory. Now the final thing is about to wait, you should wait for at least several months or years as told you before. The moderator will take review on your site and let you in once if your site is eligible OR have capability to get listed into dmoz directory. Don’t worry about rejection, follow their rules and requirements by reading Suggestion of URL step by step and you will be allow to get listed into Dmoz Directory for sure.

That’s all we have for today, I hope you did enjoy this article and found it much helpful. If you have still any queries related to this, then please let us know by using comment section below. Thanks for reading

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