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Seo Responsive Web Design Layout 2016 Tips

When its comes to Web design Layout of Website, every web designer tries to create a something new which makes first impression awesome on site visitors. As you see when a user visit those sites which have fancy stuff mean useless or bad design, then they hit back button and comes out from that page immediately even without making single click.

Yeah of course search engines looks and threat those site very friendly who have handy design and layout. After all search engines are software not an human being to visit each website for reading their content but remember if site have complicated design and layout, it will be surely hard for search engine to indexed it in their search database.

It’s up to you that if you want to indexed your page content by search engines quickly, then you should need to care about keywords density. Most of the search engines and Seo expert believe that a single page have content with 5% or 3% keywords density while some says that you can use upto 10 to 20 %. Mean if you follow 5% or 3% keywords density, your content must have 15 to 20 actual keywords out of weigh 500 words.

★ Handy Tips For Seo Web Design Layout

There are now number of sites which are mobile friendly and now search recommended that things. So if you want to design layout of a web page then create it such like mobile friendly which runs smoothly in every Mobile, Tablet and iPad etc. Below are some of tips which should be considered while create a web page

  • A content text should be included more and more as instead of Html elements.
  • Make sure that using frames , animations and flashes didn’t help you to improve searching engine optimization, rather than they are enemies of each other.
  • Always try to use less amount of Ads per page if possible, because there are two reasons, one they can slow down page speed while loading and another they have use most of JavaScript code which is not advised to be used.
  • first try to use Html and Php code instead of JavaScript if possible, or if needed then call it from external files because it’s hurt search engines spider and anyway if you need then use links at the bottom of page.
  • When you done designing web page, always think that what does that page offer to search engines and to visitors as well. Think twice while publishing page that what is your page about ?
  • No need of unnecessary directories and files to be kept close to the root as possible.
  • No fancy stuff (Flash, Splash, Animated Gifs, Rollovers etc.) Unless absolutely needed.

Finally these were the some of important points to be notice while Designing a Web page or creating layout of page. If you know some other points and have questions then please let me know and drop your opinion below in comment section.

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