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Seo Relevant File Names – Tips of 2016 !

One of the simplest way to improve your search engines visibility that is actually giving proper and relevant name to a file. We most of webmasters ignore the importance of file name which means that we were going in loss. But we have still time to get better ranking in search by removing that mistakes from our website. As we know search engines like Google becomes very smart more than us , so we have to take care about these things while creating or editing website pages.

You may saw and notice while searching keyword in Google that file names will be highlighted which is your given keywords. So its shows how important file names is but keep in mind that it will have a appropriate keywords otherwise you can’t find it in search engines.

So in this quick post, I’m going to show you few important tips to keep your file names long live in search engines. Not only that but also it will boost your website traffics with the help of relevant and appropriate keywords.

★ File Names Should be :

No matter what keywords you are targeting for what but it’s important to give some stylish names and most wanted keywords to file. Here are some tips to figure it out

  • Do not use complex or long names to your files because it’s hurt search engines badly.
  • Always use preferable short descriptive keywords and make sure it’s matching same to your page title.
  • Do not use files name like special.htm or services. Php etc but always guess preferred and exact files name like special-offer.htm
  • Keep your files name limited to 2 or 3 keywords and separate it with hyphens instead of underscores.  Try to use 2 Targeted keywords if possible

★ Best Example of File Name

Google sees some of file name differently used with hyphens and underscores. The below example will exactly show you either separate with  hyphens more near to Google or with underscores.

E.g; Canada-Seo-Company.htm As Canada Seo Company  whereas
Australia_Seo_Company.htm  As AustraliaSeoCompany

Here the main thing that every webmasters should know ; Google and most search engines consider hyphens as a space whereas considered underscores without space given keywords.

★ Is File Extension important ?

I think no, file extension like .Php or .Html and .htm do nothing for your site visitors. They didn’t improve your search engines optimization at all. They way it’s used for that whenever your site visitors load your page , Web server read that extension page to configure it onto your visitors.

Many of webmaster think that using file name without any extension is good way to improve Seo, it may help you but not a whole lot.

★ Final Words

This article show you importance of Seo relevant file names. At the end of this article, please give us your feedback in comments section and I would love to hear your voice thanks

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