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Search Engine Optimization Tips For Beginner 2016

As we know Seo stand for Search Engine Optimization , if you want to get better result of your website in search engine the you should must leave all other tips and tricks which does not belong to Seo . For example driving huge traffics from all other websites or driving huge traffics on click to paid system that is totally illegal way . Alot of newbies does not know that driving huge traffic from all other sites and making illegal impression will put their website in serious trouble .

So to get high ranking in search engine , first of all you should avoid or protect your website from those kind of illegal methods which are discussed above and you should focus on Search Engine Optimization that how you site is going on and what’s affect on your ranking . If you want to get better result in PR called Page Ranking or in search engine then you should must follow these two major factor of Seo.

Before going in detail we are also wrote an articles about Basic understanding of Seo for Beginner hope you like it

What are the two major factor of Seo ?

There are two major factor of Seo which are following


with the help of these two factor we can get top position in search engine .


On Page Optimization is very important part of Seo . On Page Optimization mean when we work on our site page there we can make changes on page tag , meta tag , site structure and site content , link and keyword as-well . here for blogger and web developer should must have logical mind .There is too much need to use logical mind for example if you use one specific keyword on page title and in meta tag and also in anchor text and in Url so there is no need to use that existing  keyword again and again .

There are many blogger can make a mistake that they never use keyword in image title and in alt tag . for better page ranking you must use image title and alt tag inimage like your targeting keywords .


As Importance of On Page Optimization is must for seo as same to same Off Page Optimization is also very important for Seo . Off Page Optimization mean we can work on important factors like linking our site to other competitive site or we can also make quality backlink for our site like posting in forums , social media , directory submission , guest posting , link building and fresh content . And Off Page Optimization does to want logical abilities its really get your rank position to the top .


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