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How to Protect Your Google Adsense Account 2016 Tips

Hey guys , you know making online money’s is not an easy task or job that everyone think. There is too many things that you should keep in mind, before putting live Google ad on your site . Now if you want to become one of the Google ad publisher then you must have read term and conditions Because day by day Google privacy policy is too much strict and harder as before . Even they didn’t give you single chance once you broke their terms and conditions.

So today I brought you one of the amazing wordpress plugin called ” adsense click fraud monitoring ” which will protect your adsense account from any kind of invalid activities . Even if your site has handheld by your teammates , or your network is shared with several people’s as we’ll . So if you’re WP website owner and want protect your adsense account , you must have this plugin to keep safe your account forever .

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 Click Limit : If user click many times at once time like bombing on ad then this plugin offer you to block user IP for a while which mean your account is safe .

Click during last n days : If you want to receive specific click from single user During last n days then this plugin count clicking for you.

Disable all ads : there is an option of hiding and disabling all ads on you site when you recognise that you got alot of malicious click until the problem is solved .

Block my IP : You can fill your IP address to block any ads on your site . Useful to protect clicks from yourself and your teamates .

Above are the some useful advantages of adsense click fraud monitoring plugin and it’s really work you may sit back and relax after installing this Pugin .

Downland and install Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring  plugin

If you want protection of your adsense account then you need to download and install click fraud monitor wordpress plugin from or you have new to wp platform and dont know how to download and install it then follow these simple steps

  • Go to website
  •  Click on the plugins tab
  •  Type Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin and click on search plugin
  •  Download the plugin and upload it to WP site by going to wp dashboard > plugins > add new > upload .
  •  After upload it to your wp site , activate the plugin and manage your adsense click fraud monitoring plugin .


  •   Go to your wp dashboard > plugins > add new > search adsense click fraud monitoring plugin and install it .

If you don’t understand then you can leave comment here  by using our comment form below I love to hear your voice .

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