Friday , June 23 2017

How to Add Bing Webmaster Tools to WordPress 2016-17


Bing is another very popular and powerful search engine with global ranking of 22nd which is almost alternative of Google . As Google have great opportunity for webmasters to register his / her website with it similarly bing had also launched great opportunity to webmasters too . Most of webmasters …

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5 Possible Ways to Increase Unlimited Website Traffics 2016-17


As I always says ‘ website traffics is everything for Webmaster ‘ without traffics website is useless because it is created to visit by real peoples for some reason . Nowadays trillions and more websites has been uploaded to www servers and still increasing rapidly on different tasks or topics …

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List of Top 5 Best Web Browsers 2014-15


Hey after back to back posts ! I am going to take a short review on about world top 5 best internet browser  which has created a splash (dhoom) in world of Internet . No one can ignore the importance of browsers because this is what called the base of …

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How to Fix USB Ports Problems


As this is my second post in category of Computer Hardware and very related to first one which was about ” How to fix ps2 keyboard ports ” and this one is about ” How to fix Usb ports ” . Now maybe this topic is most valuable instead of …

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Top 10 Alternatives to Google Adsense 2014-15


As we know Google Adsense is the king of all Ad Network just because they paid very well for each user click and there is another such a brilliant opportunity that they provide is CPM ( Cost Per Impression ) which mean if you receive thousands of impressions in one …

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Characteristics And History of C Language


C language was developed in 1970 by Dennis Ritchie at bell telephone laboratories ( called AT&T bell laboratories . ) Actually C language is the hybrid of two previous programing languages , BCPL ( Basic Combined Programming languages ) and B . Both BCPL and B were ” typeless” languages.  …

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How to Download YouTube videos on Android


Hey mates , you know YouTube has 3rd position holder in worldwide website ranking and one of the most common asked question is how we can download videos from you tube on mobiles . Yes you can easily download YouTube videos using pc with he help of IDM ( internet download …

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How to Hack WhatsApp – Cheats WhatsApp


WhatsApp is leading number one cross platform  instant messaging subscription service which have 600 active user right now and still counting . In simple words WhatsApp allow user to send text , videos , images and music etc . Now today we are going take short review about WhatsApp hacks …

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