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Outlook Duplicates Remover: Manage Mailbox by Removing Replication

Outlook duplicates issue is always been in debate and different theories have been introduced related to data replication. Identical items in the mailbox folders such as email messages, calendar events, contacts and other items keeps on accumulating in the mailbox repeatedly even after deletion. The ‘Unread’ status for the email message that has been opened in the Inbox a few minutes back sometimes looks annoying.
This may occur due to incorrect settings’ provisions in ‘Rules & Alerts’ section. To get rid of this situation, it is important to ensure that the appropriate settings are assigned and if the data replication still continues, the duplicate items can be removed with the help of Outlook Duplicates Remover software. User can select to employ the tool by getting an overview over its performance criterion in the upcoming sections.

Outlook Duplicates Remover

From the upcoming sections, the performance and functional criterion’s can be explored to decide whether it is worth investing on the tool or not.

Features & Attributes Explored

Let’s discuss the functionality of the tool to get better understanding on how it works to remove duplicates from Outlook data files. But prior to this, it is important to understand the features of the tool as it will provide a quick reference to the overall product.

  •  Removes duplicate items from the PST files.
  •  Single interface which is easy to understand.
  •  Removes duplicate contents from within the folder.
  •  Option to remove duplicates across folders.
  •  Supports batch processing of PST files altogether.
  •  Option to add file as well as folder with multiple files.
  •  Supports both ANSI as well as Unicode PST files.
  •  No alterations are made to the original PST.

Download & Installation: Pre Requisites

First step in getting started with the tool involves download and installation of the product on machine. Here, it is important to mention that it is a Windows based tool and will not work on any other Operating System. However, there are several pre-requisites that need to be fulfilled:

  • System Specifications: Since the size of the tool is 1.9 MB, 10 MB of free space on hard disk drive is enough for its installation. Apart from this, minimum of 512 MB RAM along with 2.4 GHz processor is required. However, 1 GB RAM and 2.4 GHz system processor is optimal for smooth functionality of software and other processes.
  • Applications Required: Microsoft Outlook 2013 and all lower versions (32 bit) are supported. For installation over latest versions, including Windows 8.1, 8 and 7, launch the product by right-clicking on the set-up and select ‘Run as Administrator’. MS Outlook must be configured with a valid email profile.
  • Software Cross-Check: After installation, the software will check if all the proposed pre-requisites are fulfilled. As seen in the below figure, green tick- mark confirms that all is set for running the tool. If any of the requirements are not fulfilled, the tool will show red-cross sign corresponding to the required component. Click on the ‘OK’ button to start execution.


Functional Criteria: Step by Step Procedure

The initial window of the Outlook Duplicates Remover software will display as follows


Step #1: Adding PST files:

Outlook data file can be added in two different ways:

  • i. Click on the ‘Add File(s)’ button to add single or multiple PST files to the tool panel; or
  • ii. Click on ‘Add Folder’ button if it is require adding the folder containing multiple PST files.

An option to remove the selected files is also provided in the panel.

Outlook Duplicates Remover 8

In the then appear ‘Open’ window, select the PST file and click on the ‘Open’ button and the file will be uploaded to the tool panel.

Outlook Duplicates Remover 9

Step #2: Select Mailbox Components:

After the file is been uploaded, select the mailbox components that contains duplicate items by clicking on the checkboxes. For example- Emails, Calendars, Contacts, etc. Here, I have selected ‘Emails’ and ‘Contacts’ as these components holds maximum duplicate items.
Step #3: Select Appropriate Option:

Next, select either of two given options that asks if replicated items needs to be removed from ‘Within Folder’ or ‘Across Folder’.

  • i. Within Folder: Here, it will remove duplicate items existing within the folder.
  • ii. Across Folder: If this option is been selected, the same item existing in alternate folders will be removed.
Outlook Duplicates Remover 4
Step #4: Select Destination Folder:
In the next step, the tool offers to provide the destination location by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button.
Once the destination location is been selected, click on the ‘Remove Duplicates’ button.
The progress for duplicates removal process can be seen in the ‘Overall Status’ bar within the panel.
Outlook Duplicates Remover 5
This completes the process of removing duplicate items from the Outlook PST file and the file can then be opened in MS Outlook to see the results.

Quick Review on Different Aspects

Let’s emphasize all the major aspects of the software from interface to performance and related parameters.
Graphical User Interface:
  • Single panel interface.
  •  Simple to operate.
  •  No technical expertise required.
  •  Self-explanatory procedure.
  • Working steps are well defined.
  •  All the functions work appropriately.
  •  Fast execution of PST files.
  • Efficient implementation offered.
  •  Accurate results obtained.
  •  Overall execution time depends upon file volume.
Improvements Required: Preview Pane Missing
Outlook Duplicates Remover offers a single panel interface with easy to execute working procedure but there is a scope for improvement in the tool. When a PST files with duplicate items is been uploaded to the tool panel, it must display the items that are replicated and needs to be removed.
This preview must be available in the tool panel for the convenience of users. With little modifications and alterations, the developers can make it worth exploring and worth investing upon.
Final Evaluation Based on Overall Analysis:
Working with PST Duplicates Remover is a straightforward task as the overall process is done in just a few steps. The performance of the tool is quite efficient and the execution time actually depends upon the volume of the uploaded file and the proportion of existing replication ratio.
The resultant files are obtained with accurate results and no duplicate contents are found in the output file. In addition, Outlook mailbox is managed and becomes more organized as there is no replicated item exists.
Personal, Business and Enterprise editions provide the flexibility to select either license as per usage. This makes it appropriate software solution for distinct arena of users as they can invest on the product accordingly.
Replica of overall performance and functionality of the product is offered by the Demo version. Since, it is intended to test the tool and is bounded with working limitations; license version of the product can be acquired to attain limitless usage.

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