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New List of Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers 2016

Blogging is the passion of motivating online business and has becoming the most realistic way to earn decent income online. There are thousands more of blogs around the world but fortunately, there are also Pakistani bloggers out there on the spot where they are running their online business.

Actually creating a blog isn’t enough to run online business successful until you have some skills and talent that you can inspire people from your kind of work. This will make your online business successful and you will get paid due to it. Somehow, in Pakistan we have lot of professional guys who are running their successful blogs and also have lot of skills & talents that’s bring our nation to the top in tech world. Here’s the new list of successful bloggers are ;

1 ★ Syed Balkhi : was living in karachi Pakistan but later on, he went to United states and start their online business of selling and buying domains. With the passage of time he started many blogs but got success in his most popular blog called where he shared a lot of his experience with world.

He makes around $20 USD which is unbelievable and he really enjoy his life with blogging and we proud to be him as Pakistani. His blog is basically about WordPress CMS and lot more things. That’s why he got first position in our today top list.

2 ★ Taimur Asad : is another man behind where he shares lot of articles about technology and whatever comes between in it. He started his blog back in 2008 and never give up with the hard competition as he made break through. No words to say about Taimur and his team works but somehow they got 2nd position on today list which is incredible. He also makes Est. $10k monthly income from his single blog by which he really enjoying their life with blogging.

3 ★ Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzia: The guy behind MBT ( which he registered his blog with STC Network. He is really good in blogging and he is also Seo expert which he clinches his blog to the success and receive lot of organic traffics from search engines. He is also living in karachi Pakistan and he is really excited with his blog and earns approx $10k monthly.

4 ★ Aamir Atta : Is the owner of which is most popular tech blog in Pakistan. He is genius guy and knows how to turn blog into living which is incredible to say about. He is also working with direct advertising brands like Warid Telecom and you will find his blog really helpful for sure.

5 ★ Naveed Javed : Is the another most brilliant guy who is the owner of and can make awesome revenue through his blog. His blog design is something like special that you may like but somehow he is really serious blogger and we appreciate his kinds of working.

6 ★ Syed Faizan Ali : Is the professional blogger who runs and published hundreds of article, tutorials etc there. He has large numbers of audience and has several other successful blogs. He generate decent income through blogs and chilling their life.

7 ★ Abdul Wali : A very humble guy who runs which provides hundreds of tutorials in urdu language. His blog is a hub of urdu tutorials and he has a large numbers of visitors which helps wali to earn good income from his living room. We really do appreciate his effort like cresting urdu tutorials which helps those who can’t understand English articles.

8 ★ Ali Qayyum : He runs a successful blog called where he posted lot of helpful article about technology, blogging and make money etc. He also makes huge income from his blog and he really enjoying it.

9 ★ Mohammed Yaqoob : He is an intelligent guy with blogging who runs blog and Yaqoob shared most of the contents about tech and Web designing. He can makes attractive income and really satisfied from it.

10 ★ Rehmat Alam : Is the owner of and very talented guy of Gilgit Pakistan. He is also friends of mine in Facebook but love his hard work and really appreciate his writing contents about blogging and others random articles. He also makes great revenue through his blog and enjoying their life.

So this were the new updated list of top 10 Pakistani bloggers and now it’s your turn. If you are new to blogging then you have to work hard to get position in that list, so we wish your journey ahead and if you like this post, share it with your friends. Thanks for reading

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  1. great but the list is missing stills some name

  2. Dear Mr. Saeed
    Very nice and informative article indeed. Just two suggestions, please consider gramatical and spelling aspect because I found some errors here in this article. Particularly when you are mentioning web addresses. Rest, keep it up and best of luck.

  3. Syed Balkhi earns $ 20 USD..?

  4. Masha’Allah these bloggers are inspiration for Pakistan. I wish them best of luck ahead.

  5. Well you missed A big name Eng Ubaid Sheikh from faisalabad.

  6. Nice…please correct syed balkhi’s earning, I am sure you meant to write $20k.

  7. i need help regarding customaization of my website please help me.

  8. hi bro,
    i am delight to tell u , you are save my time bcz searching about some quires about some one is difficult and time consuming activity in this post i found all my required searches that i wish thank u very much dear ..
    i am also read your other post its very hardworking and difficult to done lots of furit in one place i “ll ate all the fruit one by one 🙂
    sulman qamar
    soon blogger inshallh

  9. Congratulations ! I am really inspired seeing this list .

  10. hum ko in ki tra mehnet karni ho gi Kamyab hony k liye.

  11. All the bloggers on your list are really popular among the readers. You have created an awesome list of the best Pakistani bloggers. I am the regular visitor of these bloggers blogs. Thank you for your inspirational article.

  12. How much you earn from this website bro?? 😛

  13. Its good to see that IT field is growing in Pakistan. thank You for sharing this list, All the mentioned bloggers are inspiring, dedicated to work and feeding us good information.

  14. Hello Syed,

    It’s a pleasure to be your list. I’m really glad that BloggerYard is able to make a difference in the community 🙂 Long Live Pakistan!

  15. The Main Blog is Missing the Top Blog is Share Karo PK (

  16. Dear Mustufa how can you say that these bloggers are earning such amount of money 😛

  17. Wait, AreebahShahnawaz started her blog:
    when she was 11.
    And Bushra Sidiqque, Pakistan’s youngest blogger was also 11.

    So doesn’t Areebah deserves to be in a list of the youngest bloggers or even the youngest national blogger?
    Her name is not featured anywhere!

  18. what are their source of earnings in a blog. please elaborate

  19. Hey bro, how to create my own blog?
    Can you guide me in this matter?
    I would appreciate if you gave me a detailed answer.

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  21. nice information and discussions.

  22. well!! how much do you make from this blog site .I hope you will answer. thanks

  23. whats your opinion about muhammad Niaz? he is great guy

  24. Informative Article and it would be helpful for new digital innovation.

  25. Nice blog Saeed. Keep up the good work. Just want to mention that there is a typo in the blog post. It has been written whereas it should be

  26. your above all of mention Pakistani Bloggers popular in Pakistan and some of them out of couuntry like abdul wali khan amir atta is popular in propakistai in pakistan but all of great people

  27. Nice Post sir… I want to be in this list from my blog Parho News

  28. Nice Article and other many articles
    I will get some ideas for my new site

  29. Awesom information .i really enjoyed it and I share with my friends

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