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List Of Top 5 Popular Android Games in 2016 Updated

Hey guys, Do you searching a top amazing games for your android smartphone? If yes then don’t worry here me come with superb and tremendous top 5 most popular games of android for you. Since Android and Ios software is released its effects world of mobile very badly.In earlier times we play pc , play station and Nintendo Ds games etc.. when android took place in our daily life then there is no need to play games on TV or desktop.

There is alot of advantage of this games but one is open defined that if your device android and Ios version is high that there is no doubt to play huge game in your smart phone and you can play this game anywhere you want. So we are going to discuss list of top 5 popular android games of 2014 below

1 # Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is a strategy and mind games of 2014. All credits goes to this game because they earn a huge name in Market of toady.I also play this game and love this one.This game remind me the old war history and ancient times and in this game you can make a clan and training your clan team and you can fight your clan team with your real friend of life which is connected you through Facebook and also this game giving you really fun so don’t forget to download and play this game.

2 # Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is another mind and puzzle game . It is very famous in social media for example everyone has a Facebook account and everybody knows that what is Candy Crush actually when someone play the game when they finish there lives in game then they gonna make a lives and get that lives from Facebook friends so there are we receive candy crush notification and we accept his lives .So this is super game of 2014 don’t miss to play this mind game.

3 # Fifa 14

As all we know that when we hear term like Fifa there we got football game in our mind and also we know that this year is football year because the world cup of football which had been played. so Fifa 14 is another sports game in market of today and its very huge apk around 1.5GB game.And I also play this game because the graphic is excellent and the new featured is that game contain a commentary pack in different language so don’t miss to play this game.

4 # Contract Killer 2

Contract Killer 2 is another shooting game its graphics is awesome just like computer games. And this game is popular too in market and also this is recommendation list in today market . There is an superb weapons with high quality sounds are available in this game no one can ignore this game due to its high quality graphics.And big advantage of this game is that its too low on memory so don’t miss to download and play this game.

5 # Hay Day

No one can ignore the life of farmer because farmer give us healthy life they do handwork not for money they do for supply a fresh food to us. So this game is almost about farming you can enjoy while surviving chicken , cows, goat and export their products to market earn money in game not in life dude so take a taste of this game and its also famous in market of 2014 so don’t miss to download and play this game.

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