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List of Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks 2016

Only a few days or months may not be sufficient to learn all the shortcuts and tricks that an iPhone includes.  Of course the variety is gigantic.  It’s definitely not an easy task to decide on the best iPhone tips and tricks.  Yet, after thorough observation, a short list of 10 iPhone tips and tricks has been prepared for you.  Check out the list and learn the smartest tricks and shortcuts for your iPhone:



  1. Convenient international keyboard: For bi-lingual people international keyboard can be a very efficient tool. It’s not that tough to set the international keyboard in your iPhone. Just go to the “Settings” menu and select the “General” section.  If you’ll scroll down the “General” list, then you’ll get the “Keyboard” option.  Select “International Keyboards” from the “Keyboard” menu.  Finish your settings with the language selection.  Easy and quick, isn’t it?
  2. Headphone cord for taking pictures: Yes it’s possible with iPhones. All you need to do is to press the up button for volume positioned in your headphone to capture prominent pictures and self-portraits which you later use for anything like get it printed on t shirt or your mug.
  3. Quick domain change: You can change . com to any other domain quite easily with your iPhone. You get a . com button available while typing the domain name in the browser bar.  You can press and hold that . com button for other options to appear.  This will make your browsing faster.
  4. Smart screenshots: Sometimes you may need to save screenshots of your iPhone screen. There is an easy trick to do that.  Just press the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time to get the screenshot ready.  The shot will be saved in your Image app.
  5. The LED settings: You can set the LED settings of your iPhone to let it notify you silently whenever there’s an incoming call. You can change it from “Settings” menu.  Select “General” option and then “Accessibility”.  You’ll get “LED Flash for Alerts” option there.  Change according to your needs.
  6. Character count for iMessage: It’s easy to activate the character count for message through your iPhone. You can do this by clicking on the “Message” option from “Select” menu.  Just switch on the “Character Count” option and you’re done.
  7. Smart and fast punctuations: There is a trick to add punctuation marks quite quickly into your text messages. Simply press and hold the “123” key for a while and then slide to get the list of punctuation marks to choose from.
  8. Voice reception for Siri: Now you can easily operate Siri just by using your voice. Select “General” from “Settings” menu to get “Siri”.  There you’ll get the option “Raise to Speak” to activate.
  9. Option to unlock iPhone: Sometimes your iPhone may get locked. It may happen that no other option is working as you can’t wake your iPhone up from the sleep mode though the battery isn’t drained absolutely.  In that case you need to reset your iPhone.  Press down the “Home” and “Power” buttons together until the iPhone starts to reboot.  It won’t take much time to reboot as the process is really fast.
  10. The dictionary: You can enrich the dictionary option by adding new words. You’ve to edit the dictionary through “Edit User Dictionary” option from the “Keyword” menu.

These are our 10 tips for iphone that will help you enjoy and use your device more efficiently.  By the way you can get yourself a custom mobile cover for your Iphone at the Pakistan’s leading online store

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