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How to Get Indexed your Blog Post Quickly by Search Engines 2016

Every blogger have a dream to drive massive traffics to their blogs whether it from Search Engines , Social Media or Forums  but tell you what organic traffics is more valuable instead of other various traffics because it’s cost of free and really it’s improve both revenue once if you are serving live ads on your site and the another thing that is called SERP ( Search Engine Rank Page ) which is one of the most important thing that every blogger need to achieve at least one of Google page rank out of 10.

I saw every day high PR sites have received thousands of more organic traffics to their sites but for newbies it’s very much difficult task to get Google page rank . Talking here about organic traffics , yes if your blog post have power that forced search engines to indexed it quickly then organic traffics is your , but what if you are facing indexing problems and search engines didn’t indexed it or indexed but it’s take  very long time so what strategies that will help search engines to crawl your blog post and pages  ?

Yes there are few other popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Google which is leading first and if these search engines didn’t indexed your post even if you copy and paste your blog post URL then you have going in loss, getting in big trouble . How to recover it today you will learn it but you have to follow simple strategies to get indexed your posts in famous search engines

★ 5 Ways to Indexed your Blog Post Quickly

Sometime Google and other search engines took a while to indexed your blog post and behind this there are some reason which are may violates search engines guidelines so to want comeback in search and want to see alive your blog post quickly in search page then you should follow our below listed steps

1) ★ Fetch/ Add your Sites to Webmasters Tools

The first necessary thing that if you want to indexed your blog post by search engines quickly you will must add your site ownership with different various webmaster tools among then Google Webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools. After submitting owner ship with both of webmasters tools then I have suggest you to submit every post  of your blog to both Google bot and Bing bot .

  • To invite Google bot manually go to Google Webmaster tools dashboard > Crawl > Fetch as Google .
  • To invite invite Bing bot manually go to Bing webmaster tools dashboard > Diagnostics & Tools> Fetch as Bing bot.

2) ★ Update Meaningful Content Frequently

If you have blog then you should keep update it frequently with such meaningful content that user search , find and looking for it . Write quality post and include plenty of keywords in it but remember don’t do keywords stuffing because search engines will penalized you and kick out you from search . So always try to update you blog daily , twice in a week and at least once post should be uploaded in a week . So that’s will force search engines bot to crawl your blog post and finally help to indexed it .

3) ★ Create Backlinks with High PR Sites

When Google update their latest panda and penguin updates then backlink was one of major part of it . Backlink is another most important to getting your blog post indexed quickly by search engines and also its help you to deliver Google page rank as well. Always try to create backlink for each of your post with high PR ( Page Rank) websites and most of we peoples make a simple mistakes again and again that we just create backlink to our homepage so it’s totally wrong . You have need to create backlink  for each of your post so it will really improve your search visibility and create higher chances to search engines for crawling and indexing

4) ★ Create Inbound and Internal Links

Inbound and internal links both are necessary things in all format of Seo . Sometime inbound link create huge chances of getting post indexed by search engines and no one can ignore importance of internal links because it will also invite all search engines bot to crawl each of post that is linked with each other easily and finally helps to bot that  indexed it very quickly .

5) ★ Socialize your Blog Post at Social Media

Once you prepared meaningful post for you blog and after published it on your blog then you should have to manually shared it on all different social media websites . Always introduced each of your post well designed that will impress your social media friends to check what’s inside in your post . Remember social media websites are already got high page rank in search engines approximately 9/10  and always try to drive traffics from it which mean you have received do follow backlink . There are a lot of social media bookmarking sites most popular are Facebook,  Twitter, StumbleUpon , LinkedIn, Reddit and Digg etc.20

So these were the five points that will really help you to get your post indexed quickly and once you get indexed by search engines it’s mean you will may receive organic traffics from search engines. So as I said Socialize your each of your post ( see point 5) at different kind of social media platform then don’t forget to helps us too by sharing it along with your friends . Please if you still facing a problem and issue then let me know  using comments form below or if you believe that there are other reason might you know then please share it with us using comments thanks:)

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