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5 Possible Ways to Increase Unlimited Website Traffics 2016-17

As I always says ‘ website traffics is everything for Webmaster ‘ without traffics website is useless because it is created to visit by real peoples for some reason . Nowadays trillions and more websites has been uploaded to www servers and still increasing rapidly on different tasks or topics whatever it is but appearing it on search engines it’s now much difficult . It’s difficult but not impossible to get appear on first page at different search engines just you have need to do hard work for that . I saw most of newbies lost their hope due to poor or low traffics as they expected but instead of loosing hope , it’s better to be patience and seek help from Allah .

I’m sure that once day that will be probably your turn just need hard work for a while as possible even don’t focus on your result for first 6 or 7 months  and talking about hard work, today with the help of Almighty Allah I collect five possible ways that will really help you to increase your website traffics for free which is legal and I personally follow it . Once you follow these tips you will surely get unlimited real traffics InshaAllah .

★ How to Increase Website Traffic [5 ways]

Following are the real traffics boosters tips and I personally use it from very long time and now want to share with you to help in increasing unlimited traffics for your site

★1: Seo is Important

First thing first , if you search everywhere that how to increase website traffics, first necessary thing that you will found such a complex words’ Seo your Website ‘ ‘ Seo your Website ‘ Ahhhh !! Lol at that moment what will be the possible impression of readers ? Of course the user hit back button or leave suddenly and may play movie  or login to Facebook etc . So I tell you there is no magic to increase organic traffics just only need to optimized your search visibility by doing SEO to your site and finally at all enjoy massive organic traffics once you succeed .

★2: Update Unique Content Frequently

If you have blog then I suggest you to write post daily if you can or twice or more in a week but must update unique content that help user what they are searching for . Or if you have website then write some useful contents for it daily or twice in a week but keep updating . So once you update your site frequently it would be better for search engines to crawl your pages and very helpful to deliver you page rank as well .

★3: Do Guest Post

Don’t do misery to write quality contents for others relevant websites because it’s your benefits if you have mind and it’s apparent that they give you backlink and juicy traffics as well . So write approximately 2 or 3 guest post and remember select high PR site for guest post it will create chances of massive traffics as well as getting page rank aswell .

★4: Use Relevant Forums

Make sure to choose very relevant forums which suit your site for example if your blog is about information technology then forum must have relative topic even contain category of information technology . Recently I found couple of useful forums for my blog which is DaniWeb and IT Dunya and really increase hundreds of traffics to my blog in minutes, just you need to learn how to use forums for that purpose .  Finally if you want to drive huge traffics to your site then find out relevant forums for your website .

★5: Socialise Your Each Contents

Most of peoples makes a same mistakes again and again that they just and only advertise their first home page of website or blog in social media sites , which is in my opinion totally wrong . Take away this mistake and Socialize your each article and content that you published on your site at social media sites among them Facebook , Twitter , Reddit , Pinterest and StumleUpon etc .

So this is the simple and easy few tips to increase free website traffic that every newbies should know and also helpful for professional webmasters too some occasions . If you don’t understand on above topics then you can  ask your question below in comments section and I will response you soon . Finally please do a favour by subscribing us and share this post along with your friends because sharing is caring .

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