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How to Increase Battery Life Of Mobiles without Apps 2016 Updated

If the world population is increasing rapidly day by day then as same the mobile user is also  increasing  too . But surprisingly when revolution of smartphone phone is arrived they effect some of old mobiles very badly even  they have big name in worlds for longtime . But some how  here we are talking about increasing of mobile battery life without any apps installed On it .

Nowadays There are alot of battery saving apps are available in market and I don’t think they gonna save your  battery life or not but somehow if yes then its very well  .I have seen that  most of people’s don’t want to install apps for that purpose and I also don’t like too .

Most of people’s don’t like to see active app every times by incidentally these apps are active every time you can see it in notification area  and become headache to us instead of battery saving Once you installed that apps on your mobiles .Sometimes it’s very hard to listen low battery  alert suddenly during calling , chatting, while playing games and finally it powered off automatically . In fact if you charged your battery all the night  or sometime else and you heard battery low alert suddenly after couple or more hours , there is must reason behind this .

And finally when I get tired from putting mobile on charges all the time then I fortunately found some useful tips which are very well from all kind of battery saver apps and its really increase your battery life for long time you can’t believe on it after  following  these tips every day right after every activities you have made , you just need to make yourself addict able of following these tips .

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Tips Of Increasing Battery Life :

Before sharing tips with you I want to tell you reason of suddenly hearing battery low  is that we didn’t exit properly every activity once we have made on our mobile  while playing games , watching movies or doing internet and all other activity which reduce your battery life just we push home button directly since they still reduce battery . So following is some useful and easily tips which will help you to save you mobiles battery for long time .

☆ Clear Active Apps :

Go back to your home by taping home button and after that hold home button when new screen appear, Now tap the circle type of logo , there you see active application tab by which you are already by default there , so tap end all to vanished all of your active  application .

☆ Clear Ram Memory :

Hold the home button > task manager > and there next to downloaded tab option RAM tab tap and Clear all the Ram status . It’s actually close all the inactive and background process apps which better help in increasing battery life

☆ Reduce Brightness :

Almost they reduce  half or more percent battery life  out of 100 % when your mobile brightness line if full . So need to reduce if not necessary then so to reduce brightness lay down you notification and pull over the brightness line to increase or decrease .

Off Unnecessary Things :

When your mobile is on stand by for while then you have must check active apps as well as notification bar to see which one of your apps are on , for example if your wifi is turned on so keep in mind it’s reduce battery  even you don’t have signal or you clear your active apps as well so turned it off manually .

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