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How to Use Google Adword for keywords Targeting 2016

Google adword is an very important tool for both advertiser and publisher . And at the other hand It’s also very important and valuable for Google community as well , how important ? The best shortest answer in my opinion I will just say that in everyday life , you will see Google advertisement almost in every site . This advertisement is not an free rather its paid ad and given by advertiser through Google adword  so that why it’s very valuable . It’s very long story to talk about but here we gonna talking about how to target keywords for our site using Google adword.

Last time we talked about 5 best keywords research tools online  and Google adword keywords planner was first important part of best keyword research tools . Actually Google adword offer keywords planner for both advertiser and publisher to find out keywords search volume , bid and average search by monthly .

Being a blogger or webmaster it is an big opportunity to use official keywords tool of Google and target some of popular and high bid keywords for our site , it’s free to use and very easy to understand just you need to read our rest of some points to get target best keywords for your site aswell as learn how to do it .

★ Use of Google Adword keyword Planner

I know there are several other keywords research tools like ubersuggest , Google insight etc but tell you what this tool is officially launched by Google looking to advertiser campaigns & thier targets keywords which is paid but if you work hard even more hard then you may got it for free . Follow below steps to use Google adword keyword planner as keywords targeting .

  • First of all go to Google adword keyword planner and then sign in with your Google account
  • In the next screen after successfully sign in, you will see list of different ideas but in these boxes you have to select ” search for new keyword and ad group ideas “
  • Once you select then the very next step is type your desire keyword into first box of your product or service for example , Seo
  • Now leave the all boxes empty and hit get ideas button
  • In next screen you will see your keyword “seo” statistic among them average monthly searches , competitions , suggested bid and ad impressions etc
  • And you will see the list of other related keywords by relevance too .

★Target Keywords Using Google Adword

If you have already prepared topic about Seo and want to target some of high volume searchable keywords related to your topic then you should follow up below steps

  • First of all pick up your desire keyword from Google adword keyword planner using above method
  • Make sure to pick those relavance keyword which have low or medium average monthly searches , medium in competition .
  • Now use that keyword in your topic title , meta description, sub heading and in your content too .
  • Do not exceed keyword density , use 3 to 5% keywords density .
  • Finally I will suggest you to read and follow On , off page optimization for your post .

So this is how you can target keywords for your each of post and I personally used above method to target keywords and its working well for me So if you have any questions and queries then please let me know in comment section thanks

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