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How to Upload Website to Server Using FTP

As we know FTP stand for File Transfer Protocol . Almost everybody use short term FTP instead of file transfer protocol . The FTP is also known by standard network protocol .Commonly it is used for Transferring Computer Files from one host to another host over a TCP based network such as a internet. Most common things website which are built by developer , blogger are touch with FTP and that tell us that how important is FTP.

If a website owner want to upload their website first of all they must download FTP software and then user may authenticate themselves using clear text sign-in protocol , normally they use form of sign-in regarding username , host name and password .

Two necessary steps before uploading website

1 . Buy Your Desire Domain or Business Name :

Before uploading website to server  first of all you need to having web hosting for you website . Here Web Hosting mean when you create your a website and your website gaining some space I dont know how much space they take but after uploading website to server you may must upload video , picture and content etc . So that things must take place so remember that space gaining by your site is not free in any server , you need to first purchase web hosting for your site that afford your website storage.

2 . Buy Web Hosting to Your Desire Domain Name :

Another most important things is buying a domain name for your website that how people find your website . Domain is back bone of your website files . After buying domain and web hosting you should add your domain name in Name-server in C-panel in hosting company that you purchased earlier . After following these two steps we almost done our job now come to the points that how we upload website to server .

Note: Make sure that you have created username , password and host-name in web hosting C-panel that are given by your web hosting company for example your web hosting company is

Uploading Website to Server via FTP :Make sure that before uploading website to server you have FTP software . If you have already FTP software than its ok or don’t have so you can download it by clicking on

Download FTP Software .

  1. Once you have download FTP software then the next step is Install Cute FTP on your computer after that open your Cute FTP .
    After opening Cute FTP you will see three boxes called quick connect bar along with Host , Username and password . By default sometime its disappear from front so you can access quick connect bar to front . Click on Views > Tools > Quick Connect Bar.
  2. Now to connect with your server you should type these three requirement for uploading your website to server once you fill the form then hit enter or click on connect icon .
  3. After logging to your server you will see nothing in your server so make sure that you have complete Html or Php files and make your home page with index.html or index.php its belong to you if you have Html files then its should be index.html else its should index.php .
  4. Now in FTP click on the local drive tab at the left side and choose you desire folder where website files are present select all file and hit right click you will see upload option there so upload it.
  5. So that its , once you uploaded all of your website files to host then your website is ready to run to check it type in address bar then hit enter.
  6. So hope you understood our these simple and easy steps please leave a comment if you are in trouble or don’t understand our steps , I love comment .

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