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Today I am gonna show you how to Restore System using Restore utilities in Windows. 

1st Procedure:

  1. Click Start and click  Control Panel.
  2. In Category view, click System And Security.1
  3. On the next window click on “Backup and Restore”.4
  4. After this Click on “Recover System Settings or your Computer”
  5. Click on “Open System Restore”
    a message explains the restore process and, if there is a recent restore point created, it will be shown as the recommended restore point. If you want to use that restore point, click Next. This step will guide you through the steps to Restore the system.
  6. If you want to use another restore point, click Choose A Different Restore Point, and click  Next. If you don’t see a recommended restore point, also click  Next. A list of restore points will open, Select the restore point you want to use, and click Scan For Affected Programs. This will tell you if any programs have been updated or had a driver installed after the restore point. If you go ahead with the restore, these programs will be restored to their state before the update.
  7. Click Next and the system restore process will take place.
  8.  System Restore will need to restart your computer, so make sure all other programs are closed. When you are ready to restore to the described point, click  Finish .
  9. A confirmation dialog box appears, telling you that the restore process cannot be interrupted or undone until it has completed.
  10. Click  Yes  to continue. I will take some time for saving files and settings for a new restore point, and then the computer will be restarted.
  11.  When the restore is completed, you will be told that it was successful.
  12. Click Close .

———You are done——–

2nd procedure



  1. Turn the Computer off (use Shut Down and make sure the power is off) and let the computer sit for at least two minutes to allow all of the system components to fully discharge and will give you a clean restart.
  2. After the computer has sat for at least two minutes without power supply, remove any disks in the floppy, CD, or DVD drives, or any USB flash drives (“thumb drives”) and turn the computer on. As soon as the memory check is complete, press and hold down the  F8 key. After a moment, the Advanced Boot Options menu will appear.
  3. Use the  ARROW keys to move up or down to go to the choice, Repair Your Computer , and then press  ENTER. Windows will begin loading.
  4. Select the type of keyboard you want to use, and click Next. Select or type your user name and password if you have user name and password for windows logon, and click Next.
  5.  Click System Restore. The System Restore window will open. Click Next.
  6.  Follow the on screen instruction.
  7. The restoration process will begin and Windows will restart. The System Restore dialog box will appear, telling you that the restoration was successful.
  8. Click  OK.

————-You are done —————

Note :

You can also  Restore the System by clicking Start ⇒ click All Programs ⇒ Accessories ⇒ System Tools⇒ System Restore.

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