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How to Reduce Spam Comments in WordPress 2016

When I started my first WordPress blog I received alot of spam comments , actually in that time I don’t know what is difference between spam and real comments . I thought that I’m lucky to receive in short time alot of comments but when I looked out to my site performance there is no such a traffic as expected to spam comments posted on my site .

I received 100 to 200 comments daily which is said to be spam comments .

Spam comments are actually generated by spam bots which is said to be computers tricks . And I also made a another mistake in these days unfortunately I mentioned my email address in comments by asking someone whose putted me deeply in trouble even more . And to looking your blog Seo spam comments also effect very badly on site performance mean they reduce your site ranking in search engine as well .

In fact in these days it’s really and really big headache for me I leave my blog for a while and start searching for how to treat spam comments ? So I bring some useful information related to this topic so If you want to reduce spam comments then follow our rest of article which may help you in journey of blog .

 What is Akismet ?

Akismet or automattic Kismet is a spam detective service . Which was founded 8 years ago on 25 October 2005 . It’s automatically treat and filter spams comments and links as well . Akismet is most common WordPress plugin which is available by default since WordPress version 2.0 and activated in all WordPress self hosted blog . If you want to read full story about Akismet then click on Akismet Wiki

 Now Its Time To Get Started ?

If you are really narrow from spam comments then don’t worry feel free to follow our these simple steps to loose from spams comments.

1) Go to your wp dashboard > plugins > installed plugins .

2) you will see Akismet plugin which is by default in all wordpress self hosted site.

3) Now click on Activate link to the left of description and you will be redirected to Akismet website .

4) There you will be need to create an account or sign up for an Akismet API key . To find sign up form click on sign in tab > need an account OR you can signing up with account as well

5) Once you have created your account successfully then go to Akismet configuration page and copy your API key .

6) Now comeback to wp dashboard > plugins > Akismet then click on Activate , you will be asked to confirm your akismet account by using API KEY .

7) Now paste your API key once you copied it earlier and then hit Save Changes.

Now it’s all done you are safe from all kinds of spam bots and spam comments . Once if you follow above steps correctly or still have any problems or can’t understand our steps then please leave me a comment here I will guide you forward then .

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