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How to Recover all kind of Locks of Android Devices

Since Android Mobiles Is Growing day by day rapidly in world . The user’s of android system is also increasing rapidly . As Advantages and benefits of android mobiles is a lot which is uncountable but unfortunately there is some disadvantages as well . So today we gonna discuss about one of the disadvantage related topic . And  that topic is about phone lock issue . To many people’s want to keep their data secure from all other friends , people and even from family . So for this purpose they Use phone lock to keep their personal data secure .

But unfortunately sometime they forget phone unlock that how to unlock phone . Many people’s use pattern unlock which is medium security and many peoples use pin password which is better than medium security . So our points is when someone else trying to unlock our phone and they cross the limit of unlocking tries then our phone is definitely locked for a while . So below I will mentioned one solution for all kind of lock which will help you to unlock your phone for you so follow these steps if your are facing problems related this .

Unlock your phone in 10 Minutes :

If you are suffering in that kind of problems and you thought that you lost your mobile so that is totally wrong . Sometimes my friend’s ask me that how we can recover our phone when it’s locked due to too many patterns lock . So its becomes headache for me that every time they bring me their phone to unlock it . I got tired of this kind of problems but finally I thought that why to don’t share such kind a problem in form of articles through my Web . So now follow this  simple step which will just take 10 minutes  to unlock all kind of lock which is causing due to too many patterns unlock or forgotton lock or bad luck of recoverable lock through gmail account  when wifi is turn off.

  • Turn off your mobiles and wait 2 minutes after turning off completely.
  • Now go to recovery menu mode by holding & pressing ( volume up + home + power button ) 8 seconds .
  • When it’s flash Samsung screen then release that buttons , now you will be in recovery menu mode .
  • Now scroll down by pressing volume down button and select wipe data / factory reset by pressing power button.
  • After then select yes all then go back by pressing home button and select reboot system now .
  • So this will reset your phone and your lock will be vanished .
  • Note : be patient after rebooting your system it’s take at least 10 minutes and remember reseting your mobile , you will lost all of your apps data which is in phone storage . E.g games , apps etc.

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