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How To Protect Your WordPress Contents 2016-17

Since Google has released too many Updates of Google Penguin and Panda which harmed and penalized too many websites due to some reasons. Obviously copying contents from others websites or blogs was the important part of these updates. Having Copyrighted materials doesn’t mean to Google except Google penalties.

As generally, we must heard that doing copyrighted acts is crime and could be jeopardized once if we do seriously. So here in Internet clearly, copying contents , articles and such brands are also crime in eyes of most search engines ( Google, Bing and Ask etc) and doing such bad practice can’t give you any good result except such bad penalties as well as wasting of precious time.

Writing high quality and Lengthy contents are just not difficult task but also time consuming as well. After then when someone copy and published it in their own blog without your permission, it’s really hurt and get you in trouble. Then filling up long forms and reporting against those websites /blogs to the Web hosting companies etc creates big worries thus get infringed.

Being a WordPress user, today I brought you easy peasy way to get rid from copycats and their bad practices which is not good for you, for site performance and don’t become to get infringed from search engines anymore. Before getting into troubles, prevent your contents from copycats and never let them to do ever.

★ WordPress plugins for Content Protection

As I told you being a WordPress user it’s really easy to protect your WordPress contents without any coding and skills. The way I found that is called WordPress plugins which are used for that purpose. There many many WordPress plugins for this purpose but I will mention specific one which will really work fine and better one.

The plugin called ” WP Site Protector ” is the best plugin for protecting your WP contents. There is nothing to do with setting just simply search the above plugin name into WP dashboard > Plugin > Add New. After then install and activate it , it’s all done now.

protection of wordpress contents

It has lot more features, as looking to above screen shot, you can get benefits of many thing  while doing configuration of plugin. Some of them are following ;

Disable Content Copying : it’s help to lock down the each single words of contents from copycats whenever using mouse selection.

Disable Right Clicks: This option disable the right click of mouse which is one of the most common habit of copycats. Nothing will be prompted when someone hit the right click on their mouse. Even you can set alt Alert ( on Right click ) as well.

Disable Keyboard Shortcuts : it’s help to prevent some of the shortcuts of keyboard for example ( CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+. and equivalents ).

Using this plugin , it’s also give you option of to append string content when user copies data your website.

If you want to go pro with this plugin then you can get their premium features so you can apply more protection to your website.

★ Final Words

This is how you can protect your WordPress blog content easily. Finally I just wanna to say that please never copy articles from others blogs , do not waste your precious time and money.

So if you found this post helpful then please share it with your friends because sharing is caring you know. Also if you have any questions or thoughts then feel free to ask using comments below . THANKS FOR READING

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