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How To Migrate Your WordPress Site To GoDaddy

Want to move your WordPress site from one hosting to another. If you choose Godaddy hosting or plan to move your current one to Godaddy, but don’t know how to configure it exactly then here you are on the right spot. Most of the bloggers stick on the one place whenever they trying to migrate their old hosting to new one.

Behind migrations, their could be lot of reasons either hosting servers might be on blacklisted ( How to check website blacklisted ?), causing server down time or tired up with old hosting. Or might be you don’t like the hosting service anymore. Anyhow, there are many reasons can be possible but tell you what finding best Web hosting companies is not an harder task.

Looking best hosting service for WordPress site? Ok, Godaddy is the top Web hosting and domain registration company around the world and if you are the one who want to start WordPress blogging for the first time or have a blog but can’t satisfied from old hosting due to reasons and want to migrate it to Godaddy then here you are on right place.

Today I will show you complete method of migrating WordPress hosting to godaddy in few minutes. Godaddy offer WordPress Managed Hosting which can migrate your WordPress blog from old hosting automatically.  Just you have need to follow below instructions to get your blog back into live action. So following are the steps which should be done to change your hosting to new one :

★ How to Migrate WP hosting to Godaddy

As I told you, Godaddy offer Manged WordPress Hosting where you can easily migrate WordPress site to godaddy. No need to download databases from old hosting account just you have need to follow below steps ;

★ Setup Your Godaddy Account

Here the first thing you should need to do that is create your godaddy account which is totally free. Now purchase hosting plan for your WordPress site. Recommend you to setup your Managed WordPress plan.

Migrate your wordpress site to godaddy

★ Configure Your Hosting Account

Once you have already hosting plan or after purchase , you need to configure it before you can use it to host your website. To configure, follow

  • Click on the Manage next to the hosting account
  • Now click on the Migrate Your Existing WordPress site or if you want to create new one then click on Create a New WordPress site
  • Finally complete the on screen fields, and then  click Finish button.

Note : Godaddy have fantastic customer support services and you can call their assistance for help.

If you choose to migrate an existing site, they will let you to use temporary domain for the reasons that no issue occur while migration in processing. And keep in mind that you have to wait at least couple of hours or full day to point your DNS to new account. And DNS ( Domain Name Server) pointing takes at least 24 hours or might be 48 hours.

Ok now you have almost done and once again I wanna tell you godaddy have quick support team so make a call whenever you need help from them and feel free to ask any questions and queries. Once your WordPress site is ready, enjoy it and welcome to blogging once again.

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