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How to Manage WordPress Sites from Mobile or Tablets 2016

Hey guys , today I’m come with new topic about how we can manage our wordpress site from mobile or tablet . Nowadays it’s not impossible to handheld our wordpress site from mobile or tablet . Now million of websites are developed because of wordpress community which gives a massive opportunity to make website or blog in minutes .its almost game of one click . One click mean that we can make website very fast and easy . Making wordpress site is fun and entertainment . We can also make a decent money through wordpress blog .

We know WordPress themes play a very important role in journey of blogs. Because first choice of wordpress user is guessing a awesome themes . And then most of themes which are awesome is premium which means it’s benefits for wordpress community and user . So today I bring for you people some tips that save your time .

Why to do post from mobile and tablet ?

It’s very easy and fun to handheld wordpress site from mobile . There is a lot of advantages of wordpress site you know but here this is such a brilliant upportunaty that we can handheld our site from mobile . It’s can save our time when we are facing some problem . For me I ownley writing this post from mobile right now because my laptop charger is not working and I thought that wasting time is not fair so I found my way for saving my time . So this is very good way to save your time whether you are in work or office or somewhere esle.

what are the requirements ?

You can just not post from mobile or tablet , you can also manage your whole blog from mobile for example you can manage your widgets , plug in , menus , pages , posts, and setting etc. But for this purpose you need some requirements which are following

: Samsung galaxy android version

: iPhone ios version

: Any Tablets of android or ios

Download and install wordpress Apps :

If you have those kind of devices which have android and Ios version then you are probably able to manage your wordpress site on such a devices . So firstly go to play store

Or Apple store and then search wordpress . Once you find official wordpress App then you need to download and install it.

 How to use wordpress App ?

First of all open your wordpress App and login to your account

Remember you should use you wordpress site account email to login instead of username other wise you will be not able to login to your account . So after successfully loging to your account tap the menu button > settings

After taping the setting menu you will see another menu will be appear so there you need to choose the Add self – hosted blog and use you wp- admin username and password along with your domain url.

Or if you don’t find Add self – hosted blog there then you can find underneath or just below from username and password that first time when you open wordpress App  . Once you have successfully sign in to your site then go back and tap view site in menu and there you will be able to go to your site dashboard . So don’t worry after going to your dashboard the method is same as managing on computer .

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