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How To Make Money With BuySellAds (BSA) 2016-17

As the name implies, BSA ( is the Online Advertising Marketplace where advertiser can looking to buy the spots and places on other related approved websites , due to which the Web publisher can get the fixed revenue directly through BSA platform. As we know there are many ways to make money online by having website / blog and then having decent traffics on it, but one of the easiest way to turn website into online business is that sell spots and places of your website at BuySellAds platform.

This is also one of the alternative to Google Adsense but the way they work different in terms. As Google Adsense is the PPC (Pay Per Click) ad network for publishers whereas simply BuySellAds is direct banners deals for Web publisher  through which web-owner can sell their websites spots. In simple words, BSA is a direct banner ad network whenever your site got approved then advertiser can directly contact BSA support team to show their interest in your site. Therefore, so you have to accept and give exact area on your site for showing ads. The payment system has been already fixed on basis of how much your monthly page views is, the better revenue you will have.

BuySellAds approved

But the big problem is that the approval of website on  BSA ad platform is a bit difficult more than any other such online advertising Companies. You have to work hard, driving thousands of visitors, having quality contents etc which will be mentioned in below criteria. Remember getting an account of BSA is easy but getting your new website approved by them is much difficult task. But somehow work on things which they needed from you once if you are interested in their service.

Now let’s come to discuss how we can join BuySellAds ? How much we can earn from it ? And what’s criteria and program guidelines should be follow that can help us to approved our website from BSA. Read possible solutions of these questions in sequence, so let’s begin

★ How to join BuySellAds Program ?

As a publisher, you have a right to join BSA ad network program to earn online income once you have a website and having large numbers of real visitors. No matter which niche  your website is, BSA covers all those things in a right way like among them, technology, celebrities, business and Web designing etc.

As I said earlier, it’s easy to grab account from BSA but difficult to get website approved from them. But if you believe that you have large numbers of traffics coming from search engines then you can easily become a member of BSA as a publisher. Want you to become a member simply go to link below

  • Click to Join As a Publisher

Submit your site there by honestly and create an account. After confirmation of account, your site will be submitted for review. And that review may take few days for approval. During review, BSA team and advertiser will checking up every thing mean performance of your site by deeply that meet their requirements and finally decide that your site is right place for showing ads or not.

★ How much we can earn from BuySellAds?

It’s weird to say exact figure of earning $$$ but tell you what it’s all depends on your site visitors & traffics you receive from anywhere. Well As I heard that 10k monthly page views can deliver you approximately $100 income. Obviously 50k monthly page views will make approximately $500 monthly revenue.

So it was all about opinions but keep in mind that you gonna deal in direct banners from adverts and will be paid by monthly wise. The more visitors you have , the better revenue of course you have.

★ Criteria & Requirements of BuySellAd

Yeah definitely every serving ads program have rules and regulations for all Web publisher who are interested in joining their program. So therefore By collecting and mixing up some of requirements that BuySellAds ask for are following;

  • A website must have 30,000 or above monthly impression
  • English should be as primary language of existing website
  • Majority of traffics should be from UK, USA and Canada
  • Website must have optimized template and design very well ( important)
  • A website or domain name must be at least 5 months old (not important if large traffics)
  • A website should have 40 and 50+ articles written in English.
  • No pornography, copyrighted materials, no animations, no adult contents and plagiarism.

So these were the main points should be noted before applying for BSA. Once you believe that your website contains above points exactly, then go for it and submit yours site for review. Inshallah I give you guarantee that you will must qualify for approval in BuySellAds as publisher. So if you know some others news & update, then please share with us by using comments section below. Thanks for reading

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