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How to Make Fake Call & Sms in Android

Hey mate, today I brought you one of the amazing trick with which you can get rid from any awkward or boring situations. Actually with the help of android app called ‘Call Assistant’ you can easily escape the awkward situations like boring meeting, interviews or even from bored friends.

It’s also called a fake call or fake sms which the application generate from the other person. This is also for the entertainment purposes and for making the friends fools. Even you can make the calls from most famous persons like Taylor Swift, Shahid Afridi and president Abdullah just by putting your desire names and numbers to get calls & sms from. Now time to prank your friends!

This app required internet access on your mobile phone while making a fake call and sms to your own phone. Here’s the some steps you will need to do before making a free fake call

★ How to Make a Fake call & Sms

It’s very easy and simple to make a fake call using call Assistant App of android. Here’s the simple steps to go forward ;

  • Download and install “Call Assistant” app from Google play store.
  • Now simply open the app and then choose your desire name, number and others additional options and then hit save.
  • After some seconds that you set, you will get incoming call which is actually a fake call.

That’s it, now when your phone start ringing then you can escape yourself from awkward situation like boring meeting, events etc. If you still have some questions then feel free to ask me through comments.

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