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How to Install Wamp Server Easily ?

Wamp Server is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. Alongside, PhpMyAdmin allows you to manage easily your databases. The acronym WAMP refers to a set of free (open source) applications, combined with Microsoft Windows, which are commonly used in Web serverenvironments. The WAMP stack provides developers with the four key elements of a Web server: an operating system, database, Web server and Web scripting software.

The combined usage of these programs is called a server stack. In this stack, Microsoft Windows is the operating system (OS), Apache is the Web server, MySQL handles the database components, while PHP, Python, or PERL represents the dynamic scripting languages.

Wamp Server 2.2 Download :

Yes you can download and install wamp server along with your window requirement , mean it is neccessory to check up that which windows you have installed in your computer and how much bit is it ? Once you check it then you need to download it .


Once download is compelete then install it.

After server installation :

After installation there are so many people they are in troubling then dont know what to do next so here I will mentioned few tips to do just follow these tips hope this solve your problem, so when you install your wamp server then double click on your wamp icon after some seconds the wamp icon will appear on right bottom side near to time and date .


Let get started :

==> By Default the root directory is c:wampwww .

==>copy wampmanager.conf and copy index.php from www folder to your desired folder

open index.php file ( note: open it using notepad or any text editor)

==>find and replace $wampConfFile = ‘../wampmanager.conf’; with $wampConfFile = ‘./wampmanager.conf’;
==> Left click on wamp icon in notification area and goto apachi->httpd.conf click it.

==> search for “www” folder

and replace the whole path with your desired folder two time.


after all restart  the wamp server from notification area  wamp icon will be green its mean its work properly.
if it is still red or yellow then you have to check that is it online or offline , put it online hope its work properly .

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