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How to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes Free

Hello dear, In our previously topic we discussed about creating Facebook page and  this topic is almost same but may little bit different are , actually we are going to  discussed how to increase facebook fan page likes free .Nowadays getting Facebook  Likes is not difficult work just need some hard work and be patient every where so I am going to discuss on increase facebook likes topic and you are just ready to be Follow these steps which I am going to discuss below .

How to get free facebook fan page likes


  •  Click Here to redirect you to their website.
  • Once you visit the website click on the REGISTER TAB.
  • Now register your account with form requirements (use real emial to verify)
  •  Once they send this link to your email then you verify your link and then login to your account.
  • And here you will see EARN POINTS/MONEY tab you can earn Points or money by following methods but here we are take an example of Facebook for better understand.
  •  Click on Facebook tab and then you will see the boxes to like facebook pages.(note: To like other pages you first login to your Facebook Account)
  • Now to earn points you will like other people pages once you earn points around 30 points then now its your turn.
  • Click on the tab ADD FACEBOOK PAGE .
  • Now Add you Facebook page URL to the form and fill all of the requirements.
  • Once you add your Facebook page then set up relax and enjoy your likes .

Note: Higher your CPC (Coin Per Likes) Gives you likes even faster . If you don’t understand our steps then you leave a comment to us .

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