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How to Hack WhatsApp – Cheats WhatsApp

WhatsApp is leading number one cross platform  instant messaging subscription service which have 600 active user right now and still counting . In simple words WhatsApp allow user to send text , videos , images and music etc . Now today we are going take short review about WhatsApp hacks . Here hack mean, is not such a real hack that would give damage or lost to WhatsApp community  rather than it is some tips and tricks to cheat with WhatsApp among them how to hide last seen of time or how to create fake conversation , like this I’m gonna show you few more tricks to hack or cheat with WhatsApp but remember this is not real hack that you thought and somehow if you want to learn these tricks follow the listed points carefully .

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★ Best WhatsApp Hacks, Tricks And Cheats

These are the best WhatsApp hack and tricks which is work on both android and iphone devices or maybe works on other platforms like windows mobile , Nokia X etc

1) Backup of deleted conversation history
Did you deleted all chat history by mistakenly ? If yes then don’t need to be worried anymore because you can easily make recover of your deleted conversation by simply following methods

  • Uninstall your WhatsApp
  • And  then reinstall it
  • Now after installation tap restore option which will recover your 7 days chat history .


2) How to hide last seen time
Now if you want to hide last seen time then you should install ‘ Last Not Seen App ‘ for this purpose from play store or Apple store.

3)  How to create fake conversation
If you want to create fake conversation to play with your friends and family then I suggest you to download and install Whatsaid App from market . So with the help of this you can create fake conversation easily .

4) How to send WhatsApp chat history via email
To send your chat history via email tap the ‘Menu’ Option inside conversation,  and then go to ‘More’ and finally select ‘Email conversation’. Now enter the email of your choice there WhatsApp will automatically create whole text conversation,  images and videos etc and merge into email .

5) How to send PDF, APK,ZIP and DOC files
When WhatsApp didn’t allow you send above listed files then here I have solution to send it with the help of ‘Cloud Send’ App . Just download and install it from play store or download it directly from this Link .

Final words

This is the 5 common hacks or tricks that normally everyone want to learn so please if you like our today post then don’t forget to share it along with your friends at your favourite social media profile , at the end please do a favour by subscribing our website via email and let me know if you have any questions using comments form below, Thanks for your precious time and keep visiting  bye bye 🙂

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