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How To Get Real Traffics From Facebook 2016

Traffic is everything for every Webmasters and Blogger since they have created their Sites . But the question is how we can get instant traffics to our sites ? There is alot of ways to generate traffics to your site either it’s from search engines , social media or other sources . If you have good traffics to your site it’s mean there’s lot of chances to earn money through your site thats what every webmasters want . Now talking about traffics from Facebook is very tremendous opportunity because Facebook is one of the most popular site in all over world they grab 2nd position according to Alexa Ranking .

So its mean if billion of people’s is associated with Facebook platform and it’s must be very superb opportunity to take  advantage from Facebook and it’s free and fun to use as everybody know it very well . Now if you want to drive huge amount of traffics to your site I will supposed  you to create  a Facebook page and and get thousands or more likes to your page then you just shared your websites on that page then you just see your visitors on your site and its also gonna increasing your site ranking aswell .

So there is lot more ways to drive traffics from Facebook to your site but need to be clever in that’s kind of work. So after long time research I found my way to use Facebook as a real  traffic source to your site .

Before Going in Detail we have some previous Snacks related to this topics :

☆ Drive Traffics from Facebook Page

It is very common way to generate traffics from your Facebook page to your site . Once you have already Facebook page and having thousands and millions of likes then its your Turn for everyday even for lifetime as well ,  you can just moves thousands of real traffics in seconds by just one click . Or unfortunately you don’t know how to create Facebook page yet then don’t worry you can read our previous chapter about that topics (Create Facebook Page).

And I have seen even billion of likes achieved by single Facebook page and they generate thousands or even more traffics daily which probably mean that they can  earn very huge amount of earning from ads  as well as from  Facebook too . To know about making money  from Facebook page read our previous topic (Make Money Through Facebook Page) for that purpose .

☆ Drive Traffics from Facebook Groups :

This is another yet better way of generating some real traffics from Facebook Groups to your site . If you haven’t Facebook group yet make a one related to your niche and the best thing is you can also join other groups who have thousands of members already . There is some open groups available by which mean you can directly post your website link and generating instant traffics to your site and there is some kind of other open group but you can wait for posting until the admin confirmation .

So try to join large numbers of members groups which can give some benefits to you and although I have already  some large numbers of groups links and I still use these groups if you want to join it click on links below .

☆ Get Instant Traffics From Facebook Account

You can also drive some decent traffics from your Facebook timeline to your site once If you are addict of using daily Facebook and have 500 , 800 and 100 or more friends at Facebook . You can just drive little bit traffics by sharing your website on your Facebook timeline .If your site contains daily basis update article then you have must share that on Facebook timeline and make addicted yourself like that so having more friends will have increase your traffics aswell .

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