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How to Fix USB Ports Problems

As this is my second post in category of Computer Hardware and very related to first one which was about ” How to fix ps2 keyboard ports ” and this one is about ” How to fix Usb ports ” . Now maybe this topic is most valuable instead of first one because everyone know Usb peripheral devices are most ease to use and available on very cheap rates as well as very less chances of breakdown .

The very interesting thing I like in Usb ports and its peripherals devices that is fast connectivity , here its mean when our computer system is turned on and being ON we can easily connect our mouse and keyboard in meantime if we want to connect Usb keyboard or mouse while in PS2 ports you should first connect your keyboard or mouse wires then its necessary to restart your system and it will work otherwise it will not work .

So what if usb ports not working ? The best answer is let me tell you if you know some Basics of computer hardware then this short tutorial will really help you aswell as those who are still on Way to learning it . Below is the some tips which make your task very easier and really save your money instead  to take it to repairing shop and get charged yourself .

★ How to Repair Usb ports and Fix

There are four possible ways through which you can repair , recover and fix your Usb ports and below I mentioned it in sequence which is following

Bois Setting : The first necessary thing that you have to check Bois Setting , mostly this problem rise when user installed new windows or change motherboard to their system . So before opening your computer first of all check that your Usb option is enabled from Bois setting ( to go Bois Setting press F1 ,F2 and F9 during system startup ) . If this step solved your problem then you don’t need to proceed forward .

Fuse and Capacitors : If Usb option is already enabled from Bois setting and still didn’t work then the very next step is open your mainboard and make sure to check Fuse and capacitors around Usb ports that will pass 5 voltage ( use electric Meter ) for that purpose . If they show 5 volt in electric meter then its ok , if not then the fault is in it .

USB Jumper Setting : now if fuse and capacitors is okay and still doesn’t work then the very next step is put the jumper of Usb in jumper pin place around its ports or having already jumper and still doesn’t work then replace it , may its solve your problem .

South Bridge : If you see and noticed the bridges inside in mainboard there is an two types of bridge one is called south bridge which is little bit bigger than other called north bridge . So at all if you still face this problem then check your south bridge that if its being hot or not while system is turned  on . If it being hot then the fault is in it so fix it and carry on .

So this is the possible points that how to fix Usb ports when usb port not working and finally if it help you then don’t forget to subscribe us and like our Facebook page . Thanks

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