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How to Fix PS2 Ports – keyboards Problems

In previously weeks , I just started to learn Computer Hardware as a practical which is one of my hobby to learn laptops and others accessories hardware to fix it . So when I started this then suddenly I got an idea that why not to shared this practical work in a form of theory in my Blog . I believe there is an large number of peoples around the world who still learning it and learned it , therefore might be they need some more knowledge about same issues online by which I decided to share every hardware knowledge as theory that I got in future InshaAllah if I live  .

One another thing that my mind got it that is poverty , here poverty mean those peoples around the world who didn’t afford to purchase new accessories to their computers and laptops even didn’t afford to either fix it . So my ideas will also help above kind of peoples who want to save their money or want to get more knowledge aswell . Now come to our main point , today we will take short review on PS2 ports which is also called keyboard ports that how did we fix it when we face some error . Now read the following points carefully to fix ps2 ports

★ How to fix PS2 Ports | keyboard ports

Nowadays it’s time of Usb and wireless , any related accessories with computers and laptops is come with Usb even now available with wireless . So if you have CPU and have PS2 ports and its not working then you should follow the following points to fix it .

  • Keyboard
  • Main board or Motherboard
    ( Bois Setting , Jumpers Settings , Fuse )

★ KeyBoard :

Many peoples makes most of time one mistake again and again that they didn’t check the things correctly . For example if you believe that your fault are in PS2 ports then you should check your keyboard even another keyboard as well . After that if it still not working then you should take a look of our next points , but remember keyboard is first necessary thing that you have must checked it before opening your computer mainboard.

★MainBoard – Motherboard

Main Board is also called Mother Board , many of problems and issued arise on main board if you have PS2 problem then you must check up the three following necessary things which may solve your this issue .


Bois Setting : when we installed the new Windows to our computer then sometime keyboard option is disabled from Bois setting therefore first you need to enable the keyboard option from Bois settings . ( to boot Bois setup press F1, F2 and F9 when system startup).

Jumper Setting : jumper is a short length of conductor which is used to bypass the current in circuit and inside motherboard there is an small jumper pins (point to be connected by the jumper) which help to solve PS2 ports problems .

Fuse Setting : So at all if you are still facing PS2 ports problems then the very next step is check the Fuse around the PS2 ports in motherboard . Mostly we check Fues current by meter if they pass (5 volt) or (3.3 volt ) then its ok , if not then you have to change the Fues using heat gun machine .

So above is the possible points to fix ps2 ports and if you know some basics of hardware then may you got our points , finally I hope you will understood my first hardware tutorial and please spread our site in Facebook and with your friends and don’t forget to like our Facebook page as well as subscribe us Thanks 🙂

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