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How to Find Wifi Password in 2016 Easily

Hello, Nowadays nothing is impossible in this world, have you think what does Impossible words say? No, so let me tell you that Impossible word say that ” IMPOSSIBLE” , so think about that . Now come to our points mean come to our topic our topic is how to find out your wifi password when we forget it? Its is not difficult task to find out sometimes when we forget our WiFi password we fall in a huge trouble.we think day and night that what to do next? since the Ethernet cable time is over when we put the Ethernet plugin in our desktop or laptop in that case we just stick in one place to do Internet but nowadays its time of 3G ,Wireless Network,Mobile Internet time is our mean off.

I heard that sometimes when someone forget there WiFi password they call the Help Line to recover it and Help Line guides you through Operators . But now Its Information Technology Tenure you can get help through Internet so there is no need to call any Operator. So Simply Follow simple steps to find out your forgotten WiFi password below

How to find out wifi password

1=====> Go to your Desktop and click on Control Panel or go to your search then type Control Panel Icon.

2=====> After clicking the new window will be open now find the Network and Internet and click on it.

3=====> After then the new windows will be open again and then click on Network and Sharing Center.

4=====> Now you can see the option in left menu bar called Change adapter settings you need to click on it.

5=====> Now after then there is an different option which is occur due to driver installed on it don’t’ worry you find out wifi driver option for your help you can see screen shot below.

6====>Now right click on the WiFi driver and in the pop up menu you will see status click on it.

7=====> Once you click on it the prompt up menu will be appear so click on Wireless Properties.

8=====> Now another prompt up menu will be there mean appear and the next step is click on security tab.

9=====> Once you click on security tab you can see the keyword below called ‘Show Characters’ tick the box and now you can see your forgotten password.

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