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How To Create Twitter Widgets For Blogs & Websites 2016

Twitter is most common and strong social media website which is most popular on short message called tweet .We can say here that Facebook and Twitter is brothers in relationship because twitter offer short message while Facebook offer us unlimited Conversation , so this is the main difference in my opinion may be different in yours .Twitter play very important role in the journey of Websites , Blogs and forums etc . Twitter is an also very important factor of Seo , here from Seo we got to many means like it’s very good to generate instant traffics by sharing links in a form of tweets in twitter .

So  there is lot more advantages we can get from twitter but here we talking about creating and adding twitter widgets to our website or blog . Before proceeding further I want to make sure you that twitter widgets is available in different categories . So I trying my best to explain all widgets categories with you just you need to focus on our rest of lecture .

☆ How to Create Twitter Widgets

There is different kind of widgets offer twitter to Blogger and Webmaster . You can simply create differenet kind of Timeline Sources to your site . Like there is five kind of timeline sources User timeline , Favorites , List , Search and Collection .

☆ Create and Add User timeline Widget

Most common widget is user timeline widget that whats every webmaster want . Actually its the first interface of twitter shown in widgets in which you can easily read and compose tweet from Blog , Website or whatever they are . So here is few Steps to create user timeline widget for your blog or website and the rest of four timeline source widgets method is same to same. So here just I will try to teach you user timeline widgets method so bear in mind that other method is same like that widget .

=> Open browser and go to and login to you account .

=> Now Click on the setting gear icon > settings

=> Now Find the Widgets box in the left of screen and once you find it click on it

=> After that click on create new button which will redirect you to create a user widget , now there choose a timeline source as a user timeline , once you fill all boxes correctly now click on Create Widget button and copy and paste the html code in the html of your page .

☆ Last Words :

This is the short article about creating twitter widget badge for your blog or website but may be its very useful to you . Every human made a mistake and from mistake we have to learn and increased in knowledge due to mistake if you think I done mistake in that articles so kindly leave me comment here using comment form below and you will ask any question related to this articles if you still have problems kindly use comment form . And at the end please kindly share this post or site along with your friends in different social media platform  Thanks .

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