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How to Create PayPal Account in Pakistan 2016

In simplest words PayPal in online bank which is used to send and receive money worldwide online . PayPal is 100% secure site which is located in United States and due to securing service they provide,  all world’s websites trust on them to use their service on website . Most of online advertising companies like Google Adsense ,, adcash and infolink are offer you to cash out your money through PayPal and other such free lancing, click to earn sites also offers PayPal service because everybody knows PayPal is trusted and fast transaction website .

So at all being a Pakistani we are unable to access PayPal account because PayPal is restricted in our beautiful country Pakistan and I heard that  there are several other countries that has facing same problem too . when we are unable able to create PayPal account then obviously it’s mean we are going on to lost our income from different online earning companies once if you have .

There is lot more existing sites who have already wrote story about PayPal in Pakistan if you got it then it’s ok if not then I have some tremendous points about getting PayPal account in Pakistan even within those countries who are restricted due to some reason .

Now let’s get started and follow our table points of today .

Today Points Table

  • Join Payoneer Service
  • Create PayPal Account

★ How to get PayPal account in Pakistan

Before getting PayPal account you have to do lot of work just simply I want to say that follow the above points table .

★ Join Payoneer Service

Payoneer is also online transaction company located in United States and offer very good service just like a PayPal . Payoneer is alternative of PayPal and through payoneer you can get PayPal account . The first step is just go to website and create you account there . Make sure you have give the correct information about yourself like your Name , date of birth , address and even government issued identity card number . So I have also written full post about payoneer which will really help you to lead forward .

Read more : Payoneer Alternative of Paypal in Pakistan

Note : you have need to know that how to apply for payoneer card and account , for this follow the above link .

★ Create PayPal Account Now

Once you have successfully created payoneer account and request payoneer card then the very next step is you have to verified your account  through payoneer debit card . You can get your payoneer debit card approximately in 30 – 40 days . Maybe you will receive soon but it’s depend on your postal address .

Now first of all you should have US resident address and details to fill PayPal sign up form .

To get fake US residents address and details use to do so .

Now once you generate fake US resident address and detail then open and fill the sign up form as a united States country . Fill US based details that you have already generated.

Once you successfully sign up to PayPal account then click on ‘ Get Verified ‘ and there you will have two options , click on ‘ Bank’ and fill the details which payoneer sent you via email like a US virtual bank account number and router number .

One thing you should do here that in next few days PayPal will send small amount to your  payoneer card for testing your account then all  you have to do is transfer amount back to PayPal so therefore you are done . Now you are a member of PayPal bank that you want to be .

How to Make Withdraw Of PayPal Amount :

If you want to make withdraw your Paypal amount then you have to transfer Paypal amount to Payoneer Debit Card . When you transfer then you can easily withdraw it at any local Bank Atm machine like in Bank Alfalah , Mcb Bank and Standard Chattered Bank etc . Remember during every single withdraw you will be pay tax around 300 PKR because Payoneer is international Debit Card .

Final Word :

If you have found this post helpful then you should Subcribe us and Share us along with your friends . Please let me know if you have any question using comment form below I will response you Asap .

Happy Paypal Day 🙂

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