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How To Create HTML File – Quick Ways

Asalam-o-alikum, as you know this is my first post in my new website at and we begin with the new tutorial and that tutorial is for those peoples who want to start web designing and interesting into developing a websites. It is not easy to become a web designer in one day or more but we are trying to bring you some basic things from beginning to end so our today topic we discuss about how to create a html file or how we start first html file.

As we know that HTML stand for Hyper Text Mark-up Language and with the help of this language we create a web layout mean the structure and first look of website. So to create a web layout first of all we need to perform some basic things mean in default when we create file with .html its saves automatically with name given by you instead of .html or any extension so our topic is almost about it that how we can create .html file . Below I mentioned some steps to begin:

10 Steps to create first (.html) file

1. Go to my computer and then go to any of partition that you want to store and create a file.
2. Once you enter into drive then next step is Click on View tab (at the top of window)
3. Once you click the drop down menu will be appear.
4. Now look at the right end sight there is an folder name option click on it.5.Once you click on it the pop up menu will be appear and then click on view tab.
6.Now find out the “Hide extensions for known file types” and you will see its already checked.
7. Now unchecked it and click ok.
8. Right click on empty area and hover the mouse on New and click on the text document.
9. Once you click it the “New Text Document” file is to be created automatically.
10. Now finally rename that file with your choice name and replace .txt extension with .html and save it .

Thats it,

Once you done all our above steps then you are ready to begin.

Note: Remember these steps is working on window 7 and 8. May be worked on other windows just find the folder option and the rest of the steps is same to same.

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