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How to Configure Ptcl Modem Without Assistant

Sometime we peoples got tired from our ISP (internet service provider) which is now Ptcl ( Pakistan Telecommunications Limited ) but due to poor response sometime we want to do settings to our internet modem manually . Nowadays nothing is impossible just you need to do hard work so I’m going to tell you short story of mine whenever I face problems related to my modem first of all I am trying personally to fix it other than if problem is still remain then I need to call some help from assistant .

And here at my beautiful village alot of my friends and family members call me to set internet modem and it’s became headache for me . when some kind of problems occur like internet is not working or how to change wifi network name what so ever . there are different kind of problems , today I am going to share with you that how we can configure PTCL modem without someone help ptcl modem config

★ How to Set Modem ppp Username and Password

Here I am talking about the ppp username and password that provides by your ISP ( internet service provider ) . Ppp usually requires that have username and password to establish your connection. When you want to access internet of PTCL at your home then they give you modem if you want wifi modem or simple It’s depend on you , after that they send you assistant at your home to configure internet facility but today you will not need of it anymore and you have ability to fix it just you need to save few steps on your mind and follow below listed steps

  • Connect your modem all accessories correctly with your landline phone number
  • Connect Ethernet cable directly with your computer When internet icon start showing signal which comes to Computer then simply open browser and type( IP address and hit enter .
  • The prompt menu will be pop up and type username and password “admin” for both . Now call to helpline (ISP) which provides you internet service and ask your username and password .
  • Once they give it to you then simply go to internet connection at left side at configuration menu enter these username and password into modem configuration settings and save it ( dial 1236 for PTCL helpline). Finally save and apply it after then your Internet will start working and enjoy .

★ How to Change Wifi Name

Mostly wifi name by default is something like Ptcl_bb , if you want to change it simply follow below steps

  • Go and type in address bar and hit enter
  • When prompt menu popup Type admin for both username and password
  • Tap Wireless at left side and find out SSID box in that page and change it to your desire name .
  • After choosing your desire name for wifi then simply hit save/apply button to save it Your modem will be automatically restart and after it your wifi name will be changed also to your desire name .

★ How to Change Wifi Password

If you want to change your wifi password then just simply follow below few steps

  • Go and type in address bar and hit enter
  • When prompt menu popup Type admin for both username and password
  • Now tap Wireless > Security at the left side Now simply change Network Authentication option to WPA2-PSK
  • Now Finally remove current shared key and replace it into your desire password and hit Apply/Save . Your modem will be automatically restart and ask you to connect with new password that you entered recently .

★ Final words

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