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How To Cheat Candy Crush Saga in 2016 Updated

Hello guys, In our today lesson I am going to teach one of the recommended cheat of Candy Crush Saga game . As Candy Crush Saga got popularity day by day in market and also they got too much popularity due to Facebook .Majority people know this game due to Facebook because when a person finish their lives during games then they want to unlock their live so they use Facebook to this purpose. And everyone who are playing Candy Crush Sage game want to finish this game as soon as possible but due to difficulty and restriction of this game they failed to finish the game very quickly they prevented years on this game .

The amazing moment of game is when whole Facebook friends are going forward and you just stopped at one place but don’t worry I bring one of the best cheat to you and its really easy and fun you just laugh on yourself that how I miss that but sometime mind not working on that occasion .

Advantages of Candy Crush New Cheat 2014

Without Cheat you waste alot of your time but now you can save your time.
You can passed 100 levels very quickly .
You don’t need to be asked to your friend that give me life.
You don’t need to be wait 2 or three days to unlock new stage.

But How to Cheat Candy Crush Saga

1.Open the Game Candy Crush Saga and play the game honestly.
2.Once your 5 Moves is over then don’t send request to your friends.
3.Now close the game and wait 1 or 2 minutes.
4. Now change the time from your setting >date and time> mean forward you time that how much your requirement is.
5.Some Occasion we are stopped when we finish stage like when we reach to boat so what to do? [step 6] 6.Now you should turn off your WiFi if you already turn on and then play quest .
7.when you finish first quest then go to setting and forward your time around 24 hours exactly.
8.Doing that job is Increase your level very fastly you can’t belive on it.
9.Use same method to unlock quest, lives etc.

Above these steps is working correctly if yours not then leave me a comment so there i will guide you .

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