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How to Avoid Google Ads From Own Accidental Clicks 2016-17

Are you tired to avoid your google adsense account from your own accidental clicks? Yeah, of-course no one want to banned their google adsense account because most of the peoples run their sites particularly to make online money thus they use advertising network such like google adsense. But we have to make sure that there are some rules and regulation while working with these networks so bear in mind you have to read the privacy policy of the program and should take care thereafter your account will never be banned easily.

unfortunately, lot of the newbies get banned by google adsense in the beginning of journey either they don’t know anything about programs rules or start clicking thier own ads or even hit their own ads mistakenly or accidentally. Google adsense is very strict in these cases, they just banned your account immediately whether you have clicked knowingly or unknowingly. Then after get banned, its very hard to get account back just like its impossible for beginner to approved again your site by Google Adsense Team until you have provide some strong reasons. Before get banned, be careful and dont give up.

I have already done one of post about how to protect Google adsense account from invalid activity and similarly today im going to show you how to lock or avoid own google adsense ads while working on site. Its also happened with me when I was making a video tutorial and then mistakenly I clicked on Google ad which makes me so afriad of. I was thinking what could happen next? Is my account will be disabled or is still safe ? After sending invalid activity application to Google adsense team, my account was saved and felt lucky. After that I start searching solution of such satuation and find one of the easiest way to stop accidental clicks on google ads.

Google Publisher Toolbar :

Google Publisher Toolbar is the chrome extension which will not only protect your adsense account rather it will provide you a lot of information about your adsense account. These includes,

Estimated Revenue : You can preview your total earning without logging into your adsense dashboard. You can see your ad revenue everywhere when you click on this toolbar.

Ads on this page : This option will notify you about ads link that are serving on page. You can directly visit to ads link without any fear.

Analytics for this page : You can easily check your site visitors, Pageviews, Bounce rate and Avg time on page and much more.

Ad Overlays : This is main thing that our today whole topic is about. Ad overlays option which cover the ads surface with a coating and never let you to click on your own ads whenever it is active.

Simply, All you have need to do, just start using Google chrome browser and then install Google Publisher Toolbar from chrome store. Sign in using your Google account which have adsense account and then enable all features according to your needs. Ad overlays is important option and the rest are additional options.

After enabling Ad Overlays option, You will see the ads are safe and covered with a coating from any accidentals clicks while you working on your site page. (See screen shot below)

google adsense protection

I hope this post solves your questions and problems that you was searching for. Let me know if you have any queries and questions related to this.

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