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Free Unlimited Phone Calls & Messages from Internet 2016

The world is moving too fast and mobiles has declared as a integral part of life. Usage of Mobile is an important era for today’s young generation. No one can neglect importance of mobiles phones. It will get in touch us with family and friends whether it be in any part of world. As we see, there are large numbers of telephony services available per country in worldwide. Due to large numbers of telephony companies, it’s little bit difficult to guess better and reliable service.

Now the Internet really ease our works more than as expected. We all know that international calls and messages are too much expensive. Due to expenses, we early searched free international calls on Internet but unfortunately it’s not working. As now smartphones Apps have such a ability to make free worldwide international calls and messages as well which really works.

As previously we discussed about free international calls from android and iPhone similarly today we have same topic but little differences are. The App called ” Bigo:Free Phone Call&Messenger” gives us big and exclusive opportunity to calls unlimited from internet to mobile and land-lines globally. Here what Bigo App officially says

Bigo is a revolutionary communication app which allows you to make free domestic and international phone calls. With Bigo, you can make free phone call to anyone in every corner of the world, including US, Brazil, Katar, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other more than 230 countries/regions! 

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★ How to make free phone calls & Messages

With Bigo, you can easily communicate with your friends and family using bigo free phone calls and messenger app. No matter how much you want, you can make free calls from internet to phone and land lines as well as messages to friends as well. Below are few steps to begin with Bigo App

  • First of all visit official website.
  • Download bigo app from its official website as your required smartphone e.g Android and iPhone
  • Or you can directly download via Sms by putting your phone number with your area code. After that they will send you a link of download to your phone.
  • You can also download and install by searching  name Bigo app in Google PlayStore and App Store.
  • Ok after successfully installed, simply activate bigo using your actual phone number.
  • After activation, you will be awarded 1000 free credits and you can use these credits while making a call or sending a messages.
  • There are approximately 100 free minutes when ringing to international phone numbers or land-lines number e.g USA, Canada, Australia and UK.
  • You can also earn free credits in bonus when sharing bigo app at social media. Or referring app to your friends.
  • Every month, you will be automatically rewarded once again 1000 free credits as well .
  • Note: Bigo App available for both android and iPhone and above method is same and working on both devices.

★ Final words

Enjoy unlimited free calls and messages globally with Bigo App. A week’s ago, I personally used this app whenever needed to call international numbers like I call my friends and family who are living in such countries UK , USA , Canada and Brunei. So you can also use this free app for national and international calls free of charges. Finally if you found this post helpful then please give us short review in comment and share this post with your friends. Thanks :)

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